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Node Pricing Structure Update

December 18, 2020
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NOTE: While the pricing tiers for nodes remain as described here, please see for pricing at this current moment.

Dec 19th, 2020: Update: Within several minutes of this post going live, the remaining 5 nodes in the $2000 tier were sold, pushing the total number up over 19,301 nodes, and making the price approximately $2300 per node. Shortly, we will be publishing a dashboard that makes the current number of nodes clear.

Original post continues below:

As Gala Games moves to an NFT-based node system, there will be a few changes that come into effect. As of the time of writing, 19,295 nodes have been purchased. In the new pricing structure, the price is going to increase by $100 for each 100 nodes sold. While this is currently going to be a manual function, in the future it is likely that it will be governed by smart contract. In order to make this system balance out nicely, we are retroactively starting the series of step increments at 19,001.

So, for the sake of clarity:

  • Nodes 19,001–19,100 — $2000/ea
  • Nodes 19,101–19,200 — $2100/ea
  • Nodes 19,201–19,300 — $2200/ea
  • Nodes 19,301–19,400 — $2300/ea
  • Nodes 19,401–19,500 — $2400/ea ←We are here
  • (series continues)
  • Nodes 49,901–50,000 — $33,000/ea

Note: Pricing is approximate as it updates hourly and has a small amount of slippage included to account for the fluctuation of the pricing of GALA/ETH/BAT.

You may have noticed that our current pricing is $2000 per node, putting us several steps behind the above pricing tier structure. This means that after the next five nodes are sold, the price per node will increase to $2300. This is a modification of the previously announced but never implemented increase for every 1000 nodes. Keeping this stepwise function for the pricing structure will help make sure that:

  1. It is less likely for a single large actor to swoop in and purchase large blocks of remaining nodes — this is in answer to a concern voiced by several people in our Discord (
  2. Once the node NFTs have been released, this encourages a secondary market which will take place outside of the control of Gala Games which will aid decentralization.

There will be more details about the NFT-based node system to be released shortly, so stay tuned for that!

P.S. Enjoy the new randomized distribution tonight! We will be making the UI changes to surface the reports soon, but in the meantime, ten nodes will receive ELFBOTS tonight! They will be able to be placed in-game after the next update. Hide the candy canes, because ElfBot is coming to town!

There is a LOT more coming for Gala Games node holders, so make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord ( and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in our Discord!