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New Legendary Champions and a Heightened Chance to Summon Them!

September 7, 2023
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With the Season 2 update, 3 brand new Legendary Champions will have a 4x in-game Summon rate for a limited time.

If you still haven’t started playing Champions Arena, this is the perfect opportunity to start your Champion Book with a real bang–Introducing 3 brand new Legendary Champions: Zafrina, Lavina and Jia!

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New Legendary Champions

As a limited-time special appreciation event until the next build update in mid September, you’ll have a massively enhanced chance to summon any of these 3 Legendary ladies. In fact, now you have 4 times the chance to summon Zafrina, Lavina or Jia over any other Legendary Champion!

Anxious to learn more about the skills and stories of the new Legendary Champions?

They’re live in the game now, so even if you don’t manage to summon one yourself, you’re bound to start facing them in the Arena very soon! Will they fight for you or against you? Time will tell!

Have troubles with opponents? Lavina will get them sworded for you.

New Champion NFT Bonus

Each of these new Champions is only available through Summoning in-game. However, players always have the option to mint their Champions on GalaChain, using the required number of Minting Scrolls through the Estate’s Altar of Champions.

Players who play with minted NFT versions of any of these new Legendary Champions will receive an additional 15% boost to Victory Points for each battle (per Legendary Champion NFT used). This Victory Point boost will remain in effect until the end of Season 3.

We understand that minting an NFT Champion can be costly and is not a lightly-made decision. Plan, strategize, and check the OpenSea secondary market for current listings and trade history of existing Legendary Champions.

Consider this: The first person to mint a Zafrina will have the only Zafrina NFT in existence 😯 Until someone else mints one.

New Champion Growth Package

This is an especially exciting addition to the in-game Cash Shop. Suppose you summon one of the first Legendary Jias and you’re so excited you can’t wait for the level grind. Now you don’t need to. Just pick up one of the New Champion Growth Packs and power up your Champion fast.

Keep in mind that Growth Packs are only available for a limited time. When the new Legendary Champions’ Summons return to regular odds, the Growth Pack opportunity ends!

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These new Growth Packs will help you move fast with your new Legendary Champion!


The team at OneUniverse has been hard at work on updates, improvements and bug fixes, as you can see from the list below!

  • Fixed the issue where the skill description wasn’t correctly matching the actual skill effect
  • Fixed the issue where Ifrit casts turn gauge increase instead of buff removal
  • Fixed the issue where it says that the skill is activated when attacked while it should say that it’s activated when attacking, in Tasaria’s passive skill description
  • Fixed the wrong name displayed in Sakaris passive skill description
  • Fixed the issue where there was a missing skill in King Titan’s passive skill description: about 50% increase in effect accuracy when it’s in Rampage mode
  • Changed Bjorn’s unique resource effect from speed increase to defense increase that matches the actual effect
  • Fixed the issue where Devi & Stan’s overcharge is recharged immediately after using skill3 when there’s 1 overcharge skill
  • Fixed the issue where the Angel’s Fury is not created by Seraph
  • Fixed the issue where the turn gauge increase was applied instead of buff removal when used Ifrit’s basic attack’s Card match effect
  • Fixed the issue where the Quixote passive effect was intermittently working abnormally
  • Fixed the issue where the attack power reduction is applied instead of speed reduction as a status effect when Demias’ Card match skill2 is used
  • Fixed the issue where the removed aura did not reactivate after using Desdemona’s Card match skill3
  • Variety of improvements to the reward UI
  • Fixed localization and translation issues
  • Fixed the issue where NFT Champions were unlockable when linked

As you can see, the team is hard at it, making Champions Arena the the best mobile RPG game you’ve ever played, with brilliant PvP strategy, endless combos, and real player ownership.

Play the game on your favorite mobile device now, or on PC through the Gala Games launcher.

Jia (and over 100 other unique Champions) will be waiting for you.

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