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New Champions Arrive for Arena Season 6

January 11, 2023
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There’s three new Champions making their debut in today’s update introducing Arena Season 6!

Another season in The Arena is coming to a close. As a new contest begins, new Champions are coming to the battle!

This season will introduce two new Champions that can be summoned, and just as with other Champions in the past, they will temporarily grant a 15% VP bonus in battles.

That’s not all though! There’s also an all-new Battlepass starting, which means another brand new Hero! This third Battlepass will have all the opportunities to grab extra resources from completing quests as previous Battlepasses. Experience, Gold, Upgrade Stones, Soulstones and more… but best of all, The Midnight Terror, Valsharah!

Valsharah, The Midnight Terror

Out of the darkness comes an unspeakable horror… unless he is on your team!

Valsharah is The Midnight Terror. The bringer of nightmares, this ancient entity has long tortured evildoers in their sleep using their very soul as a weapon. No more. Valsharah is no longer bound to the path of nightmare… but he isn’t afraid to use it against his opponents either.

October vibes, November attitude.

Valsharah is a Epic rarity supporter obtainable through the third Battlepass hitting the Cash Shop with this update. As usual, completing the Battlepass will give you Valsharah himself, as well as a good amount of Soulstones to get him a good start as soon as he hits your team.

A team can benefit from Valsharah’s support as well as the debuffs he’s able to lay on enemies.

Valsharah may not have a lot of damage potential, but the flat rate buffs and debuffs in his arsenal are HUGE!

With his 1* and 2* attacks throwing out major buffs and generating mana, it’s clear the critical role Valsharah can fill on a team. Mind Drain and Normal Attack can keep your spells usable and your allies hitting fast and true, once you get to Nightmare is where Valshara’s true talent shines.

Nightmare slows opponents to a crawl, but can also potentially put every enemy team member to sleep if used at the right time. This can turn a match around immediately and clench victory for Valshara and his allies.

Valshara’s passive skill will cause stacking debuffs to become even more oppressive on enemies, potentially decreasing their defense by up to 35%. This is especially useful in matches where another Champion is debuffing alongside Valshara, or fights that drag on forever.

Beatrice and Luddy

The latest new Champions to enter the summoning pool, Beatrice and Luddy are two you may not want to look out for!

Like other featured new Champions in the past, these two will enter the pool of Champions that can be summoned at a boosted rate during this introductory event only. Players will also receive a temporary 15% boost to VP with Beatrice and Luddy in their parties. It’s important to note that this bonus will replace the bonus for previous Champions who will no longer get this extra VP boost.

Both of these Champions are Legendary, and there are new Growth Packages coming to the cash shop corresponding to either. There’s no way to outright buy one of the Champions except by summoning them or buying from another player. Remember, this means the first person to summon either one has the only copy until someone else happens to summon another.

If you want to know more about these Champions, you’ll have to wait a while longer yet. With it being a spooky holiday for some folks in the world, we figured it would be nice to just leave you with just The Midnight Terror for the moment… sweet dreams!

In all seriousness though, we’ll circle back and give you some more info on these two tomorrow once you’ve had a moment to digest. Also, they are available through summoning now with this update. We figured everyone could wait half a day to learn more, but the first person to summon one could very well be the first to even know their abilities!

The Fight Is On!

Season 6 has started. Get out there everyone and show the opposition what you’re made of.

Congratulations to all season 5 winners, and good luck to those who are looking to climb even higher in the rankings this time around!