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Need More Gold in Your Life?

October 5, 2022
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Let’s talk about Gala Gold, the exclusive lifetime membership VIP club of the Gala Games community.

If you’re already a member of Gala Gold and have been for some time, then you already know. You’re in the special Discord channels with all the action (and occasional leaks). You personally know how packed with perks this little-known club actually is.

If you have not yet upgraded your account to Gala Gold status, then you probably just don’t know yet. That’s on us. We honestly don’t talk about Gala Gold that much. Why? The short version is that we want it to stay exclusive. You can read the long version below.


Why Don’t We Talk More About Gala Gold?

It’s true, when you start getting down to the specific over-time benefits that come with Gala Gold membership, it’s a wonder we’re not shouting it from the rooftops 24/7

  • Gala Games VIP status
  • Town Star Express Depot
  • Special Discord community & role
  • Enhanced team access
  • Early sale notices
  • Exclusive whitelist opportunities
  • Early playtest chances
  • Occasional “gold” in-game items delivered to your Gala Games wallet

…and those are just some of the ones we’ve thought of so far.

Gold leaky leaks from the last couple weeks — Of course we won’t show you the images, because this isn’t a Gala Gold channel.

Here’s the deal. Gala Gold is not for everyone. We needed a good way for our strongest supporters and most enthusiastic community members to stand out, so the Gala Gold club was born. We benefit from Gold members’ experience and valuable feedback, and they benefit from the many various ways that we like to reward Gala Gold members. It’s one of those win-win situations we love to create at Gala Games.

As some of you older community members know, we have raised the price of your lifetime Gala Gold upgrade before, and we’ll probably do it again. What once was a mere $10 is now $50, and who knows where it will go next? We don’t have any plans to reduce the perks and benefits.

Your Voice Can be Heard

Bitbender (aka the busiest dude in the world) just hanging out in Gala Gold

The people we appreciate most in the Gala Games Ecosystem are those community members who choose to be the most involved with our community. The Gala Games community was essentially born in Discord, and even with all the growth, Discord is still our most thriving and core community today.

At a glance, you may underestimate the empowerment that can come from accessing a simple exclusive Discord area like Gala Gold. You may think that one Discord area is pretty much the same as any other, and in many ways, you would be correct. But Gala Gold is pretty special.

At Gala Games, we’re not like a lot of video game platform teams you’ve known before. We’re not distant, we’re not aloof, and we’re not pulling the strings from some corporate board room whose comfy-chaired loafers have no idea what’s actually on the community’s mind. We do things differently.

With Discord, we can simply be part of the crowd. We can all spend free time as members of the community we’re building together. We can connect personally with people in the Gala Gold channels even more freely, because we know that every single member of that channel is a loyal member of the Gala Games community.

Let’s take a look at a recent example of an interaction in the Gala Gold channel between Sarah “Bux” Buxton and a couple members of the community. While this is only a joke, it effectively illustrates the way you are listened to as a member of the Gala Gold community: As a peer, as an equal, and as a friend.

While this is a joke and we’re not going to start making real wine, this is how we make real connections.

How Gala Gold Item Rewards Work

In the past, items have been distributed as rewards to Gala Gold members, like the Superior Plasma Rifle Gold Skin, the Spider Tanks Sentinel Skin, an Echoes of Empire PfP and more. The way these rewards work is simple: Every wallet with Gala Gold unlocked at the time of the distribution receives the reward.

Items distributed to Gala Gold members have never been retroactive. This means you cannot get a Gala Gold reward that was distributed last week when you only upgraded your account yesterday (unless you were to go shopping on the secondary market).

Check out the sweet Superior Gold Plasma Rifle Skin that dropped in April of 2022!

Here’s the kicker: We rarely give you more than a couple day’s notice for these reward items.

The Town Star Express Depot currently goes to the wallet of every single new account that upgrades to Gold!

Periodic game item rewards are one of the greatest benefits of Gala Gold membership, but the longer you wait, the more items you may miss out on.

This is the Sentinel Skin, distributed to all Gala Gold members last year. Remember, like many of Gala’s Web3 skins, Spider Tanks skins offer in-game stat boosts!

Still Not Gold?

Consider this your periodic warning that if you’re still missing out on Gala Gold, then you’re missing out on some cool stuff.

A $50 one-time upgrade makes you a member for life. That means you get all the future Gala Gold stuff, all the exclusive access and news, and a lifetime of satisfaction knowing that you’re a Gala Games VIP.