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Mirandus VOX — What you Need to Know

December 4, 2021
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Originally published: December 3rd, 2021

The day of the highly anticipated Mirandus VOX Box Drop is rapidly approaching, and the Gala Labs team wants to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of the drop.

Monday, December 6th

On this day, Mirandus VOX Boxes will be released for sale in the Gala Games store at 2pm PST. The first 888 Boxes will only be available to members of Gala Gold and Founder’s Node operators, then the rest will be sold until gone.

Only GALA Accepted

Mirandus VOX Box price: 0.888 ETH
please note that this price will be expressed in its GALA equivalent

While most items in the Gala Games store can be purchased with multiple cryptocurrencies, only the main ecosystem currency of Gala Games will be accepted as payment for Mirandus VOX Boxes.

GALA is now listed on dozens of exchanges (including Coinbase, Binance, OKEx and more) with a daily trade volume of nearly $1 billion. The token has come a long way in terms of availability. We are confident that anyone wishing to purchase Mirandus VOX Boxes will easily be able to do so with GALA.

How to Get GALA

For a complete list of exchanges on which GALA pairings can be found, visit We have also prepared this short video on how to get GALA.

Limited Transactions

Due to popular suggestion from the community, the number of VOX that can be purchased in a single transaction will be limited. We will not announce the limited number until just before the drop.

VOX Reveal (Minting) — December 16th

On this day, collectors will have the option to mint and reveal their VOX. Please note that minting will involve another round of ETH network fees, for which the collector is solely responsible.

The VOX Launch Party

Join us on Monday from 11am-1pm PST before the big drop for some VOX fun with the team! There will be new reveals, exciting announcements, and maybe even some prizes! It’s like waiting in line, except 100% more awesome!

ETH is Required for Gas

Be sure to have some ETH in your Gala Games wallet to pay for network fees (gas) with your purchase.

Creating a Gala Games Account

Creating a Gala Games account is easy at Gala.Games. If you need assistance, visit THIS PAGE of Gala Games support.


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