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Mirandus Monday: Seeking Shelter from the Storm

March 9, 2021
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Welcome to the Tavern! (work in progress, development update)

Everyone knows what it is like to walk out from the elements…from the rain, snow, or even the sun, to step into the darkness of a place of shelter. The transition from the world outside to the world inside, with the slow moment as your eyes adjust and your senses tell you that no matter what it might feel like outside, the stout walls surrounding you are now tempering the worst of what nature may have to throw at you.

(work in progress, development update)

Tonight, on this Mirandus Monday, you find yourself stepping into a tavern. The sound of people talking filters across the distance, and the crackle of fire reaches you from the hearth. You might be able to hear laughter, bargaining, or pleading in this tavern somewhere in the Citadel of the Earth. The banners of green and gold hang from the vaulted ceilings where the light casts shadows amongst the beams. Patrons laugh and share drinks, and the bearded man looks your direction as you approach the bar.

(work in progress, development update)

A tankard of summer honey mead or a rich brown ale serve as a counterpoint to the crusty bread , pungent cheese, and smoked sausages served by the trencherfull. Leg of lamb or venison stew make you feel the health creep back into your bones as the winter chill leaves you. You can hear the bard in the corner, but nobody can hear you and your small band of adventurers as you discuss your plans…should you head up into the hills to fight goblins or travel along the coastline where you have heard that there is a group of brigands that have overrun an outpost on a rocky spit of land.

In the world of Mirandus, your life is the adventure. What will you do next?

Also, starting next week, we will begin releasing Dev Notes for Mirandus! Information coming soon on the material system within the game!

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