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Mirandus Monday: A Broader View of the World

December 29, 2020
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Note: We will begin this post in the same way we begin all other posts on the topic. Mirandus is still under development and details explained below may change. When we have details that will not change, they will be marked as such.

So, without further ado, we present The Village of the Farmer!

A view from inside the Village of the Farmer — A Mirandus Monday (Mal is Awake Edition) Exclusive!

As the year comes to a close, we at Gala Games wanted to give you something really meaty to chew on over the New Year, so feast your eyes upon this view from inside the Village of the Farmer! Here, you can see some crop plots, several 5×5 spaces, the corner of a 10×10 space, and some general street detail and traffic. This scene shows some significant detail about roughly what the SIZE of the world around the player is, and gives some options for how it will function. Crops can be seen, both ready to harvest and mid-planting. A player character rides through the village on his horse, and numerous NPC characters go about their duties farming and living their lives in the village.

Life in the Village of the Farmer can be expected to be pretty busy. With 66 farming plots and 8 ranching plots, the Village of the Farmer will be able to produce massive amounts of a variety of crops which can be stored, crafted, and traded. It is easy to imagine the Village of the Farmer with the 10×10 spots occupied by a Granary, Mill, Bakery, and Storehouse, creating a whole product cycle. The 12 smaller 5×5 spots could be filled with any combination of other shops to provide trading opportunities and supply player characters with what is needed for adventure. If you have ever wanted to play a farming sim but wanted it to be in the context of a larger and richer world, the Village of the Farmer is for YOU.

On Shop Placement

One topic that has been brought up from time to time is the placement of shops within a deed. As a deedholder, you will be able to “plan” which shops can be placed within the confines of your deed, as well as set the rents and requirements for particular shops. As farming land baron, you will be able to set requirements for specific plots within your deed if you choose. You will be able to specify, for example, what types of shops you would like to be able to rent your plots so that you don’t end up with a village filled with a single type of shop. This will give you unprecedented influence over the local economy, and can make a single spot within your deed highly prized if the service it provides is needed to complete a product cycle.

A very concrete example of this would be the product cycle described above. Farmers farm wheat, which is stored in a granary. It can then be milled into flour and baked into bread which can then be consumed by player characters or stored in a storehouse for trade to other cities, villages, and hamlet. However, if your deed lacks a mill, for example, it becomes a potentially very desirable location for a shopowner. The deedholder, at this point, might want to go out in the world and connect with other players or even advertise for a potential renter. At the same time, a shopowner might even be able to ask for an incentive to fill such a spot. These deals and relationships are ENTIRELY up to the players!

If you do not yet play Town Star, you might give it a shot to see how product cycles can work in a game. Some of the same people that designed Town Star are going to be doing a lot of the structuring of Mirandus, so there will likely be some idea overlap in certain areas!

Shop Drop: Potion Shops!

Today, Gala Games Node Owners will receive some Potion-related shops! These are VERY VERY RARE! There are only a total of 310 potion-related shops IN THE WHOLE GAME and we will only be putting 50% of them up for sale for the time being. They will be posted in the store at following their minting to node owners.

  • 5×5 — Potion Stand — 200 TOTAL (only 100 available now)
  • 10×10 — Potion Shop — 100 TOTAL (only 50 available now)
  • 10×20 — Large Potion Shop — 10 TOTAL (only 5 available now)

Normally, we would make everything available right now, but because potions are going to be a highly prized item in-game, we want to make sure that they are distributed more widely. The remaining shops will be given out as rewards and sold closer to the launch date. More information will be released on these shops in the future, as well as a special New Year’s “potion” for the community!

There is a LOT more coming for Gala Games node holders, so make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord ( and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in our Discord!