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Mirandus Exemplars: The Fourth Revealing

June 15, 2021
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The first three releases into the exemplars and the first tiers have sold out very quickly! Today, we are happy to release the fourth batch of exemplars to the node network, after which they will be put on sale in the store.

As a reminder, USD prices for anything in the crypto-sphere are approximate, so when something goes on sale it may be slightly more or less than you expect, if you have heard a specific price quoted in USD.

The Alchemists— human

The art of potion making is never an instinctive skill, but one that must be learned through years of education and experimentation. Mastery of it requires nearly limitless patience and a pure understanding of all elements that make up the world around us. Many agree that the greatest creators of potions are members of the elite human guild known as the Alchemists. Their knowledge is so vast that they can craft the most valued potions and most delicate elixirs from local ingredients no matter their location in the world. Alchemists are good to know, for through their potions they can sometimes help you with impossible tasks. But be warned: They are strikingly aware of their skills and usually carry heavy egos. As Exemplars, Alchemists receive a bonus to potion making and are the type of person you want in your group if you plan on exploring some of the more dangerous reaches of Mirandus.

The Goldsmiths— human

The world of Mirandus is an incredibly abundant place, full of precious metals, valuable resources and priceless jewels and gems. An exemplar guild of humans called Goldsmiths has spent many generations perfecting the crafts of working with precious metals, particularly gold. These metals seem to come to life under the agile fingertips and quality tools of the Goldsmiths. No matter where they roam in the world, a Goldsmith is always able to find work, crafting gold and silver into exquisitely beautiful jewelry. As Exemplars, Goldsmiths receive a bonus to jewelry production, which makes them some of the most prized artisans throughout the land.

The Ironshapers — dwarf

Although their population is heavily concentrated in caves, not all dwarves live in the depths of the planet. Some have mingled with the many societies of the world for generations, keeping shops, working trades and providing various services to the people of Mirandus. One such dwarven clan is known as the Iron Shapers. Members of this elite clan possess some of the greatest blacksmithing skills in the land, and they dedicate their entire lives to maintaining that superiority. The unconventional method by which they raise their children is called the Way of the Hammer. It crafts the ways in which young Iron Shapers see the world, ever focusing on the tools of their trade. The greatest celebration in an Iron Shaper’s life comes suddenly when their first successful hammer strike is made. From all over, Iron Shapers bring gifts to their newest brother or sister, and that day becomes known as their Hammer Day. Unfortunately, many of Iron Shapers were too young to fully remember or understand the significance of their Hammer Day. As Exemplars, Iron Shapers possess a trait called Way of the Anvil, which grants them a bonus of reduced energy costs when blacksmithing and allows them to produce high quality weapons and iron implements.

Orcs of Certainty — orc

Orcs are creatures of instinct. They are highly intelligent, strong and dangerous in the wild. Because they are able to reason and make difficult choices in the same way as humans, some say that their natural traits give them a distinct advantage. Some tribes of orcs have even learned to amplify their strongest instincts, giving them a definite edge in hunting, survival and combat. The Orcs of Certainty are one such tribe. They have embraced a sense that is entirely beyond the comprehension of humans that allows them to perceive aggression and fear in those around them. These orcs are nearly impossible to doublecross, for they almost always see it coming. As Exemplars, Orcs of Certainty have a trait called Trace of Danger, that grants them the ability to sense aggressive creatures and the malice and avarice of those guarding treasure troves.

The Mumsend— halfling

Deep in the hills of halfling country there is a small village called Mumsend, sometimes referred to as the quiet village. It is a close-knit community whose residents are made up primarily of the clan known as the Mumsends. These halflings are generally wise observers of their surroundings who speak only rarely. One peculiar result of this strongly held silence through the generations has been the special skill to move silently. In other words, the Mumsends are experts in the art of sneaking up. In fact within their village, society is built around those who are the most skilled not only at sneaking up on others, but resisting being sneaked upon themselves. The game that determines public rank among Mumsend is called Whisper, and as silly as it may seem, the game’s results are binding throughout the town. Whisper has a complex set of rules, but in summary it is a sneak assassin game in which Mumsends attempt to sneak up on their friends and neighbors and scare them out of their minds with a whispered greeting. Those who elicit the most startles earn the greatest measures of respect from the community. For many Mumsends, the game has proven life-changing, for better or worse. As Exemplars, Mumsends possess a trait called Stilled Passage, which allows them to move in almost complete silence. This can allow them to sneak into areas filled with dangerous creatures or to pick pockets, making it just a bit easier for them to line their purses.

Allsight Elves

Very little is known about the most mysterious and oldest of the Elven ancestries, the Allsight Elves. Their relationship with magic cannot easily be explained to other Elves, let alone to humans, orcs, halflings or dwarves. Some of the oldest stories in the land hail these Elves as the stewards of time, without whom the people of the world would have perished on many occasions throughout history. It is believed that they exist across all time. If this is true, it has given them a unique and advantageous understanding of not only the past, but the future as well. Greatly enhanced sight allows the Allsights special mastery over projectile weaponry. As Exemplars, Allsight Elves receive a bonus to all ranged weapons. However, possibly more importantly, Allsight Elves also have a bonus towards chance encounters that range from opportunities for great fortune to those which grant them the best advantage in combat.

Exemplar Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Some of the above Exemplars will be dropped to the luckiest node operators tonight, and all of the 6 described above will be made available for sale in the Mirandus store beginning at 12:00pm PT tomorrow, June 15th.

We hope you are as excited as we are for each piece of the incredible Mirandus tapestry that is about to begin unfolding before you. Thank you as always for your continued support!

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