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Meow Match has your Adorable Matching Kitty Fix

July 9, 2024
Meow Match is a free-to-play game of matching and collecting cats! Download and play now!
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“I love this game! I keep playing it even though I have won all the levels. It’s just fun. Some levels can be challenging and take quite a few trys, but they are all winnable without having to buy anything. You also get lots of bonus play (endless lives, bombs,ect) that enhances the game. Thank you for continuing to make new levels, it’s a nice surprise to have 20-30 new levels when I go to play.”

“Very fun game, and the cute kitties are definitely a big plus! Game is challenging without being too difficult, and if you do need extra moves, you have the option of watching an ad instead of using coins you’ve earned. If you’re a girl like me who loves cute cats and match-3 games, this game is for you!”

“The kittens in this game are too cute. You can dress, feed and pamper them. And if you make and keep them happy kittens, you will be rewarded. The graphics are great. And the tasks can be a bit challenging the higher up in the levels you advance. It’s also connected with Google Play, just make sure it’s set to sync so if you uninstall the app or lose your phone/tablet, you won’t have to start over. I think I have found another fav way to pass the time on my breaks. It’s simply purrfect😋.”

“I’ve had so much fun playing this game! Super cute theme and cats!”

“I’ve spent $0 on this game, I’m so proud of my progress in this game. I’m #2 on the Diamond League. I’m too addicted. I think about it all the time, I play it at my work, I play it when I’m with my friends — I even turned down hanging out with my friends to play this game.”

…There are plenty more where those came from 😸

Bring the Cats Home

The cats have wandered off, and it’s up to you to bring them back! Dive into Meow Match, the delightful mobile game from Gala Games that combines the addictive fun of match-3 puzzles with the heartwarming task of restoring cat sanctuaries. With hundreds of levels to conquer and dozens of unique cats to meet, your feline friends are waiting for you to create a purrfect home.

Restore, Decorate & Customize Cat Sanctuaries

In Meow Match, your primary mission is to restore once lush and beautiful cat sanctuaries across the globe. As you advance through the game, you’ll unlock new areas to decorate and customize. From cozy catios to vibrant play areas, each sanctuary offers a unique canvas for your creativity. Use a variety of decorations and furniture to make each space special for your feline companions.

Engage in Challenging Match-3 Levels

The heart of Meow Match lies in its engaging match-3 puzzles. With hundreds of levels featuring fun and challenging gameplay, there’s always a new puzzle to solve. Match colorful pieces to progress through the story and unlock new content. Each level is designed to test your skills and keep you entertained for hours.

Discovery & Dress Up

One of the most charming aspects of Meow Match is its collection of unique cats. From playful kittens to elegant adults, you’ll meet dozens of different breeds throughout your journey. Dress them up in adorable outfits and bring them home to your customized sanctuaries. Each cat has its own personality, adding depth and delight to the storyline.

Lighthearted Feline Storyline

Meow Match features a fun and lighthearted storyline told from a feline perspective. As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover stories and adventures of your kitty friends. Their quirky personalities and amusing antics make for an entertaining narrative that keeps you coming back for more.

Play Offline and Connect with Friends

Meow Match is designed for convenience, allowing you to play offline anytime, anywhere. No internet? No problem! Additionally, you can connect with your Facebook friends to share lives and help each other progress through the game. It’s a community of cat lovers and puzzle enthusiasts united by their love for all things feline.

Key Features of Meow Match:

  • Restore, decorate, and customize various cat sanctuaries across the globe.
  • Hundreds of engaging match-3 levels with fun challenges.
  • Discover, dress up, and bring home dozens of unique cats.
  • Enjoy a fun and lighthearted storyline told from a feline perspective.
  • Play offline anywhere, anytime.
  • Connect with Facebook friends to share lives.

Join the adventure in Meow Match and create the ultimate sanctuary for your furry friends. Download Meow Match today and start your journey to bring the cats home!

Play now! 😻Android | iOS

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