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June 2, 2022
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That’s a wrap on the most rewarding month in Gala Games history.

This was Gala Games’ kind of party, where the favors are free and the rewards are plentiful. Let the month of May stand as a shining beacon not only for Mayhem itself, but as a reminder of exactly how much Gala Games cares about its community. We are everything we are because of you and thanks to you. You are constantly empowering us so we can continue to empower you, and that’s the real beauty of Web3.

When Gala Games Sees a Bear Market

We don’t make any predictions or promises about token values. We’re not in the business of speculating on cryptocurrency, we’re in the business of redefining the entertainment industry with the power of Web3. Still, it probably hasn’t gone unnoticed within our community that the crypto markets as a whole have been experiencing a cold winter.

Let it be remembered that our most rewarding month ever with countless millions offered as prizes just for playing our free games, happened during what is being hailed as the worst crypto recession since 2018.

How does Gala Games react when crypto supporters don’t like what they’re seeing in their portfolios? We give away insane amounts of $GALA as prizes, and we offer once-in-a-lifetime onboarding opportunities to get sweet positioning in our Web3 gaming Ecosystem.

During times that some crypto hodlers would call turbulent, Gala Games is happy to keep doing what we do best: Creating and publishing fantastic AAA quality games with Web3 layers of ownership and rewards built in.

Town Star | Build. Win. Earn.

Each week of May in Town Star, we hosted a special competition with $500,000 in $GALA prizes available for the top 2000 finishers. But that’s not all. There were additional prizes for the Play-to-Earn servers as well

We also promised a special new robot friend, the Feed Bot NFT to all players who referred 10 new players to Town Star during May and a special NFT bonus to everyone who played themselves for at least three different days of the month!

It was a rewarding month for Town Star players. Exciting updates and big changes are coming soon to Town Star — You can always learn what’s happening on The TOWN STAR BLOG.

Spider Tanks | Esports Mayhem

Our highly-anticipated high-octane brawler from GAMEDIA went into open early release just before May Mayhem. Talk about great timing!

Spider Tanks players were able to get a HUGE piece of the May Mayhem action, with weekly tournaments and with around $750,000 in $GALA distributed to winners of various contests and challenges.

Spider Tanks also distributed $500,000 in $GALA throughout the month in the weekly referral challenge. The weekly prize was split by all accounts that qualified by reaching a certain number of referrals during the week.

Town Crush | Not Quite Yet

Everyone was eager to play Town Crush, and a lucky few enjoyed it for several hours before unforeseen technical setbacks caused the game’s release to be, well.. set back. Finding problems like this was part of the plan, as the game was built solely to test Project GYRI, the Gala Games blockchain currently in the late stages of development.

Unfortunately, the players will have to wait a little longer to enjoy that sweet match3 action they have come to adore. Fortunately, the game will return, and the $400,000 contest that was previously scheduled for May Mayhem will still take place at an unannounced later date.

Free NFTs

In this special promotion that lasted all month long, NFT owners from various projects in the Gala Games Ecosystem have been rewarded with all sorts of exclusive new drops.

This was designed to reward early supporters of Gala Games projects. This was an incredible opportunity for us to 1) spend a month giving to our community, not selling, and 2) to remind you that rewards can be sudden and surprising, but they are always on our minds.

Across all different titles that participated with a May Mayhem free NFT, somewhere around 100,000 new NFTs were created and distributed to owners as of the snapshot that was taken before May began.

Almost all these free NFTs were dependent on the rarity of items already in the recipient’s wallet. For example, Legendary Cookeries were distributed to all owners of Legendary Georgia Dead Claims in The Walking Dead: Empires.

Obviously we cannot yet calculate or comment on the secondary market values of these 100,000 NFTs. Maybe you’ll have a better idea in a year.

All The Stuff

$GALA Prize Pool

  • Weekly Competition $GALA Prizes | Approx. $3 million total
  • Weekly Referral Challenge $GALA Prizes | Approx. $1 million total

Free NFTs

  • Shakespearean Country Home | Owner NFT drop for Legacy
  • Shakespearean Town Home | Owner NFT drop for Legacy
  • Cookery | Owner NFT drop for The Walking Dead: Empires
  • Infamy Token | Owner NFT drop for Superior
  • Celestial Upgrade | Owner NFT drop for Echoes of Empire
  • Golden Ticket | Owner NFT drop for Mirandus
  • Limited Edition Skin | Owner NFT Drop for Spider Tanks
  • Feed Bot | 10-Referral reward in May for Town Star

We May Be Onto Something

That’s it. It seems we’ve made a tradition come to life: May Mayhem. Let’s do it again next May. The Mayhem is that we have such an incredible community that deserves rewards worth millions of dollars. The Mayhem is that even when throwing massive rewards at our community in a bear market, we can continue to grow, bringing more AAA games to the table.

Thanks for the Mayhem. Thanks for playing in the Gala Games Arcade.

Stick around, because there are tons of things coming.

See you in Malta!

Don’t miss our epic -into the galaverse live show on June 8th at 9am PT from the beautiful island of Malta in the Medditerranean Sea. Announcements, special rewards and sneak peeks will make you wish you were there, but don’t worry. There will be more Galaverse events.

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