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May Mayhem | Week 2

May 17, 2022
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Get ready for another 4 days of intense competition in GAMEDIA’s Spider Tanks with over $50,000 in daily GALA rewards

This is a solo mission with a $250,000 twist. Spider Tanks is a team game that pits you against an opposing team of 3 players. This week, you will still have teammates but no organized parties. May Mayhem week 2 is all about personal points. Get the highest points with a win and you get a piece of the $50,000 in daily rewards.

Everyone can play and everyone has a chance to win. Players with just a few hours a day available for gaming can still compete. It doesn’t matter if you own NFTs for Spider Tanks or not — you’ll be able to partake in the prize pool each day… if you have the skills.

Daily Challenge

This week players will be given five opportunities to take home rewards. Each player must complete 20 matches within a 24 hour period to qualify for that day’s reward pool. Only wins will qualify and your highest personal points from wins will be used to rank you for the day. If a tiebreaker is needed, then the player with the higher rarity Tank wins. If the rarity of the Tanks are identical, then the tiebreaker will be based on the win rate of matches played.

To encourage a level playing field, all Tanks, Weapons and Bodies will be the same level. Each map and game mode creates a different challenge for the player. Whether you are playing Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch, or Chicken Chaser you will have an equal chance of obtaining the high score from your match. To ensure that overtime does not offer an advantage, any match that goes beyond 30 seconds of OT will not count.

Tiered Prizes

The $50k in GALA rewards will be allotted to 4 tiers each day. Players can qualify for a single tier only once during the first 4 days of competition. The fifth and final day of competition will allow players to compete for any tier again. If you play well enough it is conceivable to achieve $2850 in GALA rewards by the end of competition on Monday May 16, 2022 at 9am PT.

The tiers are broken down into the following:

  • Platinum Tier (Ranked 1 to 10) — 10 people, $1,000 each
  • Gold Tier (Ranked 11 to 20) — 10 people, $500 each
  • Silver Tier (Ranked 21 to 40) — 20 people, $250 each
  • Bronze Tier (Ranked 41 to 340) — 300 people, $100 each

By the end of competition on Monday May 16th at 9am PT every player will have had an opportunity to battle it out for a share of $250,000 in rewards this week. This week should bring many new players and seasoned veterans alike to the Spider Tanks battlefields, and we can hardly wait to see the community’s reaction.

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