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May Mayhem in Town Star!

May 5, 2021
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The Town Star Farmer is a bit excited because he knows that Town Star is almost ready to come out of beta and he wants to make sure Town Star is ready for the whole world to see! He has decided to hold a May Mayhem Competition!

For week one, he has decided that CAKE will award players with 4x the points…but ZERO in-game dollars! You will need to work hard to tune your town for the Cake Game, or switch over to Blue Steel or Wine! Neighbor Delivery has been disabled for this competition, so you are all on your own!

This Competition will be held in four separate rounds, each with a prize pool of ~$250,000 in GALA.

Take a look at the special rules and prize structure.

  • The top player will take home $10,000 in GALA
  • Players 2–10 — $5,000 each
  • Players 11–49 — $1,500 each
  • Player 50 will get $5,000
  • Players 51–99 — $500 each
  • Player 100 will get $5,000
  • Players 101–199 — $250 each
  • Player 200 will get $5,000
  • Players 201–299 — $150 each
  • Player 300 will get $5,000
  • Players 301–399 — $100 each
  • Player 400 will get $5,000
  • Players 401–499 — $75 each
  • Player 500 will get $10,000

Everyone in the top 500 will win at least $75!

Now…to make this even more exciting, we will be releasing a whole series of storage structures that will potentially help you refine your game to get the best shot at winning! Rewards are huge and well scattered, so make sure to pay special attention to what everyone is doing!

To make things even MORE fun, for EACH building that sells out, the prize pool for that week will be increased by $250k, doubling every single prize listed above! There is a total of 20 new building NFTs being released tonight…and the sellout of any of them triggers this bonus. If they ALL sell out…that would result in an additional $2.5 MILLION being added to the prize pool. For context, that would mean that a player could win $210,000 for coming in 500th place…

Gotta love it when the farmer gets a bit crazy!

Note: Please make sure you stay in compliance with the Town Star Rules while playing!