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May Mayhem 2023

May 2, 2023
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Our favorite month is back — This is web3 gaming. This is May.

The Mayhem is thick this time around, with more playable games and more ways to win than ever before. Welcome to May! Hopefully you weren’t planning on any spring cleaning, because it’s time for some serious gaming.

You’ll find various reward rabbit holes through the links below, plus plenty of reward opportunities that we’re not even prepared to mention.

Let’s get right into the Mayhem.

Town Star

Town Star is kicking off May Mayhem right, with the highly anticipated launch of the new game on the Godot engine! Additionally, tons of new content, weekly competitions and immense May Mayhem opportunities will make it more rewarding than ever to come back to Town Star and see what you’ve been missing! Learn more about Town Star May Mayhem HERE.

Spider Tanks

Things are heating up for May in the Spider Tanks arena with a huge new content update, daily missions, and some explosive May Mayhem prize opportunities! Come see why all the web3 wizards are calling Spider Tanks the world’s first web3 esport! Learn more about Spider Tanks May Mayhem HERE.

Champions Arena

The turn-based RPG battler from OneUniverse is currently live in a 3-week playtest, perfect timing for May Mayhem! Download the game and play free on PC or mobile through the Gala Games store. Learn more about the playtest and May Mayhem prize opportunities HERE.

Be on the lookout for our first ever Champions Arena sale during the Mayhem! More info coming soon.


ERC-721 generative Gunslingers are emerging from their Gunslinger boxes, eager to join the shootout and make their mark on the web3 Wild West. Before the month is out, we plan to open GRIT 24/7, making it free for all players with a connected Gala Games account on the Epic Games platform.

More information will be coming out about GRIT during May, so keep your big irons loaded and be ready to ride.

Echoes of Empire

Ion Games’ 4x visual masterpiece of space exploration just finished up a 5-day playtest, and the team may have some extra special excitement in store for May Mayhem. Be sure to follow Echoes of Empire on Twitter and join the Discord community so you don’t miss any of the intergalactic excitement.


Mirandus has an epic tech test in the works for May Mayhem, complete with 1,000,000 MTRM: 250,000 MTRM going to whoever kills our first “Boss” concept, and the remaining 750,000 MTRM going to a pool of players who kill a goblin!

Learn more about Mirandus May Mayhem HERE.

Meow Match

Kittens are adorable, and so are rewards. In honor of the kitten matching and building game coming home to web3, Gala Games account holders may find a furry friend of their own at some point during the mayhem!

Meow Match — Google Play Store

Meow Match — Apple App Store

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG

True player ownership is coming to Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG. Soon we’ll launch the ability to mint in-game Heroes as fully player-owned NFTs. Assemble your Heroes and own your empire!

Look out for more info amidst the mayhem in the coming weeks!

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG — Google Play Store

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG — Apple App Store


Have you done your part to save the world against the twisted evil superheroes that destroyed it? If you haven’t experienced the fast and ferocious co-op shooter action of Superior, you’ll have your chance later this month… absolutely free. For now, you still need an Early Access token.

Play Superior now through the Gala Games launcher.

Legends Reborn

The web3 TCG from Kung Fu Factory is live in an open playtest for May Mayhem, with plans to kick off a special competition for Venue Owners within the next couple weeks. Brush up your deck-building skills and browse Venue ownership opportunities on the OpenSea secondary market.

Last Expedition

Test servers are now open for all Last Expedition Node operators… During May, look out for other exciting news coming out about this next gen FPS. Subscribe for the latest Last Expedition news at

The Walking Dead: Empires

We couldn’t possibly have a month of Mayhem without attracting the dead. If you can’t wait to get into The Walking Dead: Empires again after the recent playtest, you’re not alone. Pay close attention this month and you may win something.


Our badass little “avatars that DeFi” are making an appearance in May Mayhem as well, in anticipation of the upcoming VOXverse by The Sims’ creator Will Wright. Owners, look out for a special drop — a brand new type of addition for your VOX!

PokerGO Play

Be on the lookout for some exciting news about PokerGo Play this month! All we can say is something epic is coming…

Embrace the Mayhem

We understand. You can’t play everything. We didn’t want to hit you with all the reward specifics right at once… We’re not trying to overdose the FOMO. We just want you to come play our awesome games.

You can’t play everything… But maybe you ought to try. 😉

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