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Maps Available Now, P2E Feature Reveal

December 11, 2021
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  • There are many ways to participate in play-to-earn with the upcoming esports brawler, Spider Tanks!
  • Presale is open now (while supplies last) for the first Spider Tanks Maps!

You’ve seen the impressive firepower. You’ve felt the anticipation of battle. You’ve witnessed the world class esports potential of this incredible brawler by GAMEDIA.

Now after an exciting Galaverse announcement, we are proud offer the first player-owned Maps for sale in the Gala Games store. Get yours now while supplies last.

Next, we’ll lay out several of the play-to-earn attributes that will make Spider Tanks so special and empowering. Not only will players have the ability to play and earn for free through the Tank rental systems, but owners will have the ability to earn without playing by delegating battle authority of their tanks to Pilots.

What Can You Be?

Spider Tanks’ unique combination of play-to-earn mechanics will give everyone a chance to play, no matter the perspective from which they approach the game. There will be several ways to get involved, and each will play an integral role in the groundbreaking P2E economy of Spider Tanks.


A Pilot is a Spider Tanks player who runs a Tank in battle, whether that Tank belongs to them or someone else.

Every player in the game must compete with an owned Tank, although that Tank does not need to be owned by them. When a new player joins to play for free, they will automatically be assigned to someone else’s owned Tank. They will then become the Pilot of that Tank, sharing their battle rewards with the Tank’s owner.


A Captain is a Spider Tanks Tank owner. As the owner of a Tank, you can use your property how you like. You can play with it in battle, or upgrade its parts using resources you have collected. You can make it available for other Pilots in battle, allowing you to share in their earned rewards.

As you upgrade and improve your Tank, you and your Pilots will be able to earn greater rewards in battle, increasing your play-to-earn potential.

Of course, you’ll be able to list your Tank for sale on the secondary market at any time, a standard feature of owning your in-game assets as NFTs.


The owner of a Spider Tanks Map is also known as a Baron. Barons will host battles on their maps, earning for the activity that takes place on their land.

Barons can choose to upgrade Maps, making it possible to earn greater rewards through a score called Battle Ranking (BR). The greater the upgraded Map, the higher levels of Tank battles that Map will be able to host. That means that the most upgraded Maps will have the potential to earn the greatest rewards.

The first batch of Maps just released at Galaverse consists of 20% of the current Map inventory. In the future, we will open up more batches of Maps based on the growth of Spider Tank’s DAU to sustain healthy usage and availability of maps.


Another way to reap the play-to-earn rewards of Spider Tanks is owning a Factory. Factory owners are also known as Fabricators.

Factories have Luck ratings and Drop ratings that affect the quality of components produced in that Factory. Factories can also be upgraded by the owner to increase stats, and therefore increase play-to-earn potential.

Each Factory must be placed on a Map of the Fabricator’s choice. The Fabricator will always earn a portion of the rewards for matches played on that map. Upgrading the Factory will also mean greater options for the Fabricator through expanded Map choices.


This is the big one. Those who must have it all and be prominent forces in the Spider Tanks play-to-earn ecosystem will have the extremely rare opportunity to become Emperors, or owners of Planets.

Being the Emperor of a Planet is simple, but incredibly rewarding. Emperors will receive a portion of the rewards of all battles that take place upon their Planet.

It’s nearly time to decide where you fit into this play-to-earn esports masterpiece. Maps are currently available in limited supply, and Planets will soon be made available to the first Emperors!

About Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is an upcoming PVP arena brawler from GAMEDIA and Gala Games. This expertly crafted and brilliantly competitive game will be the world’s first internationally renowned play-to-earn esport! Learn more at


GAMEDIA is an award winning game studio from the Netherlands, with an extensive track record and history. The long list of games they have developed are mostly based on well know entertainment IP’s and have seen the light on a wide range of platforms and hardware. Currently they are focused on creating our own high quality multiplayer games for PC, consoles as well as mobile.

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