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Let’s Shake Things Up — Elevating Energy

November 16, 2021
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Town Star cities are able to enjoy their many luxuries thanks to the hard work and production of small towns, led by you, the player-mayors of Town Star.

Absorbed in the extravagance of their high quality uniforms, durable blue steel and expertly decorated cakes, the leaders of the cities barely noticed the impending crisis of energy. They were using too much, and not paying close enough attention to the supplies that were coming in from the small towns, where most of the energy was produced in the first place.

With a keen sense of what was coming and the scientific knowledge to combat it, Nikole Tesla quickly built her first Tesla Coil factory in an undisclosed rural location, code named “The Backyard.” As she witnessed the first completed Tesla Coils coming off the massive robot assembly line, she felt emboldened by a new energy, and not just in the literal sense. She knew that all she needed to do was get Tesla Coils erected in as many small towns as possible.

The true beauty of the Tesla Coil generator is in the way it supports the extreme and ever increasing energy usage demanded by the cities (upon which small towns rely for livelihood), while also providing the modest amount of local energy needed by the small towns themselves. Growing up, Nikole had always been disappointed in the cities, not only for their culture of waste, but for their tendency to always fall short of their own potential. She never dreamed that one day she may be able to bolster the small towns of the world while also revitalizing cities in the same effort. If this was done correctly, towns and cities alike could experience what she began thinking of as an energy renaissance… one that was desperately needed throughout the world. She knew her path.

Perhaps the towns and cities weren’t as different as she suspected. They both consisted of and relied upon people. These people had similar flaws and ambitions, but also similar hopes, goals and dreams. If Nikole could help even a small percentage of them realize that these dreams were attainable in their lifetimes, then she could truly make the world a more abundant place.

Temporarily Changing the Meta

As those of you who have played Town Star for more than a couple months know, from time to time we like to shake up the rules. These META CHANGES sometimes involve shifts in amounts of in-game reward money for certain deliveries, and other times they rearrange the allocation of Stars awarded by delivery of certain goods.

Next 3 Weeks — “Elevating Energy”

This meta change focuses on delivering units of energy by drastically increasing its Stars. Additionally, a bunch of high tier crafts will be reduced to 0 Stars. These high tier deliveries will still earn in-game cash, but no points. Refer to the numbers below for a list of everything changing in this new meta.

Anything not listed below is not changing at all. No in-game cash amounts are changing; all changes deal with Stars.

Energy Units (Batteries) — 5000 Stars for delivery of 10

Stars Reduced by 50%

  • Wool
  • Silica
  • Lumber
  • Grapes
  • Uniforms

Stars Reduced to 0

  • Cotton Yarn
  • Wool Yarn
  • Blue Steel
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Cakes
  • Batter
  • Baguettes
  • Wine
  • Bottles

Power Plant Changes

  • Power Plant energy production will now require 5 oil
  • Power Plant production timer increased
  • Nuclear Power Plant production timer increased

It’s time to get creative with your towns. The cities need energy, but they’re in a bad way, so they’re not able to pay you any more. You must do this for the Stars alone, which ought to make it well worth the effort.

Don’t forget to produce something that will earn money to drive your expansion. Energy may be where the points are, but the mere $1500 in-game you’ll receive for selling a load of energy won’t get you very far!

Good luck out there, mayors! Rally behind Nikole Tesla, and remember that her wondrous invention could lead you to victory in these strange times. Tesla Coils are available now for TOWN in the TOWN STAR STORE!