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Let the Snowfall Begin!

December 22, 2023
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Join the Snowfall Tournament to secure you place on the nice list. Holiday treasures await the bold.

It’s the final sub-zero tournament of the year. In the ancient tradition of the kingdom’s heroes, a special tournament will run alongside this week’s event.

In the bitter cold surrounding the winter solstice, thousands of years of tradition demand the champion of winter step forward to receive their honors. Today is the day we begin to decide who this year’s champion is.

The Snowfall Tournament

The Snowfall Tournament begins today, December 21st. It will run alongside the normal Sub-Zero Tournament and has both a beginner and expert tier. Your score in this tournament will count towards your Gala Games Leaderboard score this weekend.

Take on waves of enemies to rack up Crests for your guild and climb the rankings. A special avatar and big rewards await the top finishers!

Frostlands Blizzard

This dungeon is hiding far more loot than your typical 3-star! Battle through 7 intense stages to reach Santa’s Frostland Cavern. After that, dive into the endless dungeon, where you can encounter two secret bosses.

Keep clearing out the top levels and you’ll unlock even more sweet loot through the reward tiers. Special prizes await the top 500 finishers who manage to dig the deepest into the blizzard!

Snacks and Sweets!

It’s the holidays, and it just wouldn’t be the same without indulging our sweet tooth! In addition to getting all the sweetest treats from the dungeon, you can also grab special holiday items in Guild Gifts and Missions!

Stock up, because holiday treats are the sweetest of all! Like other holiday treats, these only happen once a year. They can be far more effective than items you can craft, so make sure you stock up a secret stash for throughout the year snacking!

Gifts Galore

Want something to glam up your holidays in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG a little more? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve got some sweet sales going on right now, with dangerously jolly amounts of items tucked into bundle deals.

Players can grab either:

  • The Stocking Stuffer Pack: Grab 3000 Gems, some gifts to show your love to the guild and some delicious candy to keep your heroes hopped up on sugar through the season
  • The Huge Holiday Sale: 10k Gems, loads of consumables, Swords, Dragon Food… what’s not to love? Ensure all your Heroes and Dragons have a very happy holiday!

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, it’s definitely a time to be jolly in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG.

Now get out there! There’s a Snowfall Champion to crown, and you better get fighting!