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Hark! All Gamers Gather Round the Hottest Winter Deals in Town!

December 22, 2023
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Gala Games Holiday Deals are live in the Gala Games store until 11:45pm PT on December 27th, so grab the coupon code below and don’t get left in the cold!

Through holidays and stressful planning,
We know that for deals you’re scanning.
Daylight dims and quickly fails,
So come enjoy our shiny sales.

We’re about to wrap up another great year for Gala Games, but we just couldn’t resist hitting our beloved community with one more awesome sale. The nights may be long and the days may be cold, but these Holiday Deals are bound to heat up your holiday gaming season!

Discounts are now available on some of your favorite Gala Games in-store items. Sale pricing will last until 11:45pm PT on December 27th. Like all our store’s items, sale pricing is available only on a “while supplies last” basis, so get there sooner than later or you might miss out!

Gala Games store

Some items are marked down via strikethrough prices, with discounts automatically applied at checkout. For others, you’ll have to be more observant and apply a coupon code while making your purchase. For your convenience, we’ve listed all participating titles, sale items and coupon codes below.

Gala Games Mystery Boxes

Behold the magnificent Diamond Mystery Box!

Mystery Boxes have been a huge hit ever since they were unveiled earlier this year. They come in multiple rarities: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. This Christmas, we’re giving you a chance to purchase any number of them (except SILVER*) for an incredible 25% off, using the following coupon code:


Each box contains three items, with increased chances of finding rarer items in rarer Mystery Boxes. Most boxes are even likely to contain festive piles of GALA! A list of possible items for each Mystery Box is found on the item’s store page–Check them out HERE.

*Note: All rarities of Mystery Boxes are eligible for this discount EXCEPT Silver.

Champions Arena

Join us for a special Champions Arena Christmas giveaway event! Through December 25th, anyone who reaches the following purchase thresholds in the Gala Games store or in-app during the giveaway period will receive a special gift!

  • $100 in purchases = 1 random Epic Champion Box
  • $250 in purchases = 1 Legendary Agna Box
  • $500 in purchases = 1 Legendary Agna Box + 1 random Legendary Champion Box

PokerGO Play

Grab a competitive edge with a Chip Pack from the Gala Games store!

Get in on this holiday action with some sweet discounts on PokerGO Play Chip Packs, with no discount code needed! Most Chip Packs are marked down 20%! Good luck at the tables and in the Sweepstakes!

Common Ground World

There are already some fantastic deals on Common Ground World in-game items, and for Christmas we’re marking almost all of them down an additional 30%! Check out the list below and plan on adding some buildings to your collection while supplies last.

Gala Games store

  • Supreme Silo
  • Big Oak Shed
  • Wizards Workshop
  • Golden Apple Tree
  • Spooky Wheel of Nightmares
  • Nourish Barn
  • Aquaculturist Apartments
  • Advacned Fishing Platform
  • Salty Salt Field
  • Green Forge
  • Epic Copper Smith
  • Master Copper Smith
  • Epic Gasoline Refinery
  • Epic Turbo Pump
  • Rare Turbo Pump
  • Spooky Windmill

Meow Match

Cuddle your own White Tiger or Toyger kitten for 25% off, using code GALAXMAS25.

Happy Holidays from Gala Games

Thanks for being a member of the Gala Games community, and thanks for another year of support and excitement! We can hardly wait to show you everything on the horizon for 2024 and beyond, but we know with a community like ours, it will be absolutely epic!

Gala Games store