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Legends Reborn — Ritual Stone Sale

June 6, 2022
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It’s time to start building your deck, and our first Creature sale is the best time to grab the backup you need at the tables.

Creature Ritual Stones

Competitors of Tolkheim! It’s time to start crafting your deck with our first Creature Sale!

For this sale, we’ll be debuting 40 Creature types in randomized Creature Ritual Stones. Some of these will be released for purchase via whitelist immediately, with a public sale following shortly after on the third day of Galaverse.

The Creatures

Creatures come in 6 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Ancient. Higher rarity creatures give larger multipliers to AP earned for a win, but rarity also is important for how you play your Creatures.

Each creature’s starting level is determined by their rarity, along with the number of Improved Card Slots (place where action cards are attached to a creature). Creatures’ max level is 60, and players will eventually be able to level up their creatures using the not yet minted native token of Legends Reborn. This feature likely will not be available at release though, which means that a higher rarity Creature gets you a head start on what tactics are available to you, and your grind towards high level Creatures.

Every Creature has a max capacity of six Action Cards, meaning that throughout the leveling process a Common Creature would have six separate occasions where a Card Slot is improved. Higher rarity Creatures will start with some or all of their Card Slots improved already. Some levels during your grind on a Creature will result in an Improved Card Slot, where some levels will result in Action Cards being added to your inventory.

As we’ve discussed previously, Action Cards are acquired as in game items gradually as you play Legends Reborn. Leveling Creatures so that they can utilize a wide variety of Action Cards will give you the versatile tactics you’ll need to dominate the tables in Tolkheim. Since Creatures can also be rented to other players, expanding each Creature’s Improved Card Slots can make your Creatures more sought after and desirable throughout the Legends Reborn community.

Creature Sale

The Creature Pack sale will have two stages, featuring both Basic Ritual Stones and Elite Ritual Stones. Both will contain up to three random creatures from 40 different types that are available.

A Basic Ritual Stone contains Creatures with Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic rarities. Basic boxes will contain three items in total which are typically Creatures, but there is a small chance to discover an Elite Ritual Stone hiding within in place of one Creature!

An Elite Ritual Stone contains three Creatures that are a;; Epic, Legendary, or Ancient rarity. As creatures level they will receive extra Action Cards periodically. High rarity Creatures will get these Action Cards right away based on their starting level, meaning they can use those Improve Card Slots right away to employ a wider variety of tactics through different Action Cards.

Each Ritual Stone can be opened on an exchange site after the initial whitelist sale. Our plan is currently to release this exchange on June 8th alongside the release of the public sale– keep your eyes peeled for more information as the exchange approaches.

Elite Ritual Stones

Each phase of the Elite Ritual Stone sale will be initiated with 24 hours between them, with a fixed number of Ritual Stones being available to specific whitelisted groups throughout.

  1. Galaverse Attendees and Ticket holders- 400 Elite Ritual Stones available for $1000 each.
  2. Founder’s Node License Holders- 800 Elite Ritual Stones available for $1500 each.
  3. Gala Gold Members-1600 Elite Ritual Stones available for $2000 each.

Basic Ritual Stones

Each phase of the Basic Ritual Stone sale will have tiered pricing, with a fixed number of Ritual Stones available at each tier. These will be available starting on Wednesday, June 9th at 4:45AM PT and the price will progress automatically as each tier is depleted. Every Basic Ritual Stone purchased in this sale has the same chance.

Tier 1- 850 Basic Ritual Stones available for $300 each.

Tier 2- 1,700 Basic Ritual Stones available for $400 each.

Tier 3- 2,550 Basic Ritual Stones available for $500 each.

Tier 4- 3,462 Basic Ritual Stones available for $600 each.

Each Basic or Elite Ritual Stone will have the same chances of revealing great Creatures as others of the same type, regardless of which tier it is purchased in.

A Call to Arms

Make sure to get into the sale early and grab the best deals. Don’t wait to ensure that you have what it takes to defend your honor and achieve glory at the tables across Tolkheim!

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