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Legends Reborn: Creature Packs and Alpha Test

October 21, 2022
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A familiar item in Legends Reborn gets a fresh new name, and we share more details about our alpha playtest!

For months, players have been enjoying new Creatures created by hard working tokensmiths from across the land. The demand for these Ritual Stones has been so high that the largest tokensmith unions across Tolkheim are reporting a lack of the specific stone to continue producing Ritual Stones!

This doesn’t mean players will have to do without Creatures though! Tokensmiths everywhere are continuing to create packs of Creatures, though they’re getting away from the restrictive name of “Ritual Stone” since they’re now imbuing more traditional materials with these popular bundles.

“So basically, if we can’t get those stones from our source, we’ll just make Creature Packs the old fashioned way. People want their Creatures, they’re not all hung up on some special rock.”

-Cab Stallo, representative; Tokeneers local #7

Everyone will still receive the same great creatures from these Creature Packs that they have from Ritual Stones in the past!

Reintroducing: Creature Packs

In the past we introduced Ritual Stones — a magically imbued bundle containing three random Creatures. From this week on, these will now be referred to as “Creature Packs.” This is both for max clarity to players and to allow Tolkheim’s talented tokensmiths a little more flexibility in their crafting.

Every “Basic Ritual Stone” will now be called a “Creature Pack”

Every “Elite Ritual Stone” will now be called an “Epic Creature Pack”

Creature Packs are functionally the same as Ritual Stones– only the name has changed!

Everything you loved about Ritual Stones will remain the same. They can still be purchased in the Gala Games store, and any Ritual Stones you had in your inventory will change to the new Creature Pack names. They will still provide the same array of randomized Creatures when exchanged in your Gala Games inventory.

A Creature Pack contains three random Creatures of Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic rarity. An Epic Creature Pack contains three Creatures — each guaranteed to be Epic, Legendary or Ancient rarity!

Creatures in Legends Reborn

In Legends Reborn, you summon Creatures to fight against your opponent. Your Creatures use Action Cards to square off against whatever your opponent brings to the table. These are in-game inventory items, though you can use a Scroll of Minting to tokenize them and trade with other players.

The first Scrolls of Minting were distributed during this year’s May Mayhem.

Each Creature has its own strengths and weaknesses — the wider variety of Creatures you can choose from, the more diverse strategies you could potentially play with. While a lot of strategy in Legends Reborn comes from which Creatures you use, the Action Cards you pair with your Creatures often refine your strategy. In the end, they could determine your fate at the table.

Every Creature can pair with up to six Action Cards through Improved Card Slots. Higher rarity Creatures have access to extra Improved Card Slots, which potentially let that creature access a wider variety of Action Cards.

Enter the Alpha Arena

The Legends Reborn alpha test started Today, October 20th at 12pm PT! Are you ready?

We’re excited for the community to really dig into this alpha build and see what the team at Kung Fu Factory has been working on! Players will have plenty of opportunity to compete for glory on the leaderboard during this test. The leaderboard will reset each week, which gives everyone multiple chances to fight for the top spot! Each reset, the top 10 players will earn the Legend of the Tables Discord roles.

The first week’s leaderboard will reset on October 27th, at 9:59am PT.

Players will be able to dust off their Venues and welcome contenders in the door during this test! Venue implementation is still limited, but this is a great first step towards your Venue feeling like a real place in Tolkheim.

You can check out more about how Venues will be used in the game from the recent Venue Spotlight below!

With this Alpha test getting started, keep your eyes open for more updates coming soon. There’s so much we’re excited to share with you as development progresses.

Check us out on Discord or follow us here for the latest news. See you at the tables!

Legends Reborn

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