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Legends Reborn – Compete in Early Access

June 26, 2024
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The tavern is packed, the table is set. The cards are shuffled and two legends of the tables stare each other down… the action is about to begin!

The tables of Tolkheim are open… will you take your seat and achieve greatness?

Play Legends Reborn Today

Legends Reborn: Age of Chance is free to play through the Gala platform right now! If you haven’t hopped on and slung some cards yet, what are you waiting for?

Legends Reborn is in early access. It’s a web3 collectible card game that anyone can jump in and play! Don’t have a deck!? No problem! A rotating supply of free cards are available so that you can learn the ropes and refine strategies before you start your collection.

Speaking of starting your collection, Legends Reborn offers numerous ways to pick up new cards for your decks. You can unlock cards by grinding your way up through the Battle Pass, craft your own cards, grab new random packs using Dragon Stones, or purchase cards off secondary markets like OpenSea or NFT Harbor.

You can even pick up free cards every day in the game!

Crafting allows you to dismantle your unused cards to create new ones for your decks!

PvE and PvP Matches

While you’ll need to show your stuff in PvP to rack up $TOLK rewards from the leaderboard, you can hop in and start testing your skills at the table right away!

The word is still just starting to get out on Legends Reborn’s early access period. That means less competition to climb the ladder, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait forever just to learn the game. Multiple difficulties of AI opponents are available in practice mode to let you perfect your deck.

Don’t underestimate those hard mode bots… 🤦

Try out new decks. Experiment with different strategies and find out what works best for you.

Become a Legend

Legends Reborn is easy to jump into. The basic mechanics are easy to pick up, even for people without a ton of collectible card game experience under their belts. 

Tooltips and some helpful tips you can access guide you through the first part, but you’ll start picking up on the deeper strategies by the end of your first match. Before too long, you’ll be tinkering with your deck to get combos that are perfect for your playstyle.

 And there’s a lot of room to find your own play style. With such a new game and so many diverse strategic options, who knows who could discover something amazing and become the next Legend of Tolkheim!

Jump in, shuffle up and play a few matches today!

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