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Legacy Ownership: Deeds, Keys, and Rewards

October 19, 2023
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Before the October 26th launch, learn more about how Deed ownership and Legacy Keys make a truly unique player experience.

Welcome to Legacy, the innovative business sim created by 22Cans and leveled up to real ownership through the power of GalaChain. Legacy is a premier experience that intertwines strategy, design, and rewards in a unique manner. At the heart of this experience lie Land Deeds and Legacy Keys, aspects that introduce a novel dimension to gameplay and rewards. Here’s what you need to know as we prepare for the October 26th launch.

Legacy Land: More Than Just Pixels on a Map

Owning Deeds in Legacy is about more than mere territory; It’s about owning and operating a thriving business. It’s a statement of your dedication to the game, and those who own Deeds will enjoy a more managerial experience, along with shared rewards from team members.

Guilds: The Allure of Land Deeds

Be sure to pick a Guild that will lead to success!

As the benefactors for their Guilds, Deed owners get to make key decisions that impact their Guild. They can set rules for their team and decide on the reward split between Deed Holder and Key Holder.

Every Legacy player who does not own a Deed will gain access to the game by selecting a Legacy Key from any available Guild. Guild owners may always enjoy access without using one of their precious Legacy Keys (the Deed itself grants the owner access to the game), while other players can simply choose a Legacy Key in-game based on the specifications set by the Guild leader/Deed owner. Essentially, all players must be part of a team, with each team led by the one who owns the Legacy Deed.

Deed owners will have access to Legacy Keys, which will be used by players who do not own Deeds to unlock game access. The number of Legacy Keys is determined by the rarity of the Deed.

With a future update, players will have the option to purchase additional Legacy Keys, upgrading their Guild to allow more players and share greater rewards. This is why we have listed below both At Start and Maximum

Startup Deed (Common) — 0 at Start, 1 Max
Enterprise Deed (Uncommon) — 1 at Start, 3 Max
Firm Deed (Rare) — 3 at Start, 10 Max
Corporation Deed (Epic) — 10 at Start, 40 Max
Conglomerate Deed (Legendary) — 25 at Start, 100 Max
Heart of London (Ancient) — 100 at Start, 500 Max

Additional reward advantages will vary based on rarity of Deed. Look for more info about that in the next blog!

Attention Deed Owners:

You will have exclusive early access to enter the game and configure your Guild even before gameplay goes live with the October 26th launch. This early owner access period will begin on Tuesday, October 24th.

Owners will have the ability to bridge their Deeds to GalaChain starting on Tuesday. Be sure to bridge your Deeds before the Thursday launch so players can join your Guild.

Owners of Legacy Deeds will get a portion of the Event rewards received by everyone in their Guild. This means that Deed-owning players can decide whether they would like to stick to their own game, focus on the management of their team of Legacy Key holders, or a strategic combination of both. Deed owners share their own rewards with no one, while every free player must share with the Deed owner that made it possible for them.

And of course, the greatest benefit to owning a Legacy Deed is the fact that you actually own it. Real ownership is the most important function of web3 tech in gaming. It means that you can benefit from your property as long as you play with it, then list it on a secondary market like OpenSea at any time.

Partner with the best!

Legacy’s Exclusive Edge

Legacy’s introduction of Deeds and Keys weaves a tapestry of exclusivity for those who are most committed to either play or ownership in the game. Players either own a piece of the game’s world, or else form strategic alliances to benefit from someone else’s property (just like in the real business world). This exclusivity perk positions Legacy as a unique gaming experience, where strategy, partnership, and rewards converge.

As the game grows in active players and popularity, more regions can be added for Land ownership, greatly increasing the potential rewards and numbers of Design Competitions.

Pick a product that works for you!

Make Your Mark on the Business World

Legacy isn’t just about building and competing — it’s about being part of an exclusive world where every decision, from ownership to partnerships, holds weight. Whether you’re a proud Deed owner or a partner player looking for alliances, Legacy promises an experience steeped in strategy, camaraderie, and unparalleled rewards.

Step into the world of Legacy, where ownership isn’t just possible — it’s power and prestige. Get ready for Legacy’s launch on October 26th, 2023.

Next Up: Competitions and Rewards

We’ll soon publish a blog sharing a more detailed look at Legacy’s Events and Competitions, as well as the potential rewards for participating. Then right before launch, we’ll share a litepaper outlining the game’s complete economic details.

Event winners will receive Legacy Tickets, which are used to determine the amount of $GALA rewards received by Competition participants at the end of each reward cycle. For now, rest assured that competitive Events are the core of Legacy rewards, and becoming a successful tycoon means optimizing your creativity and efficiency in the design process.

We hope you’re excited to get out there and test your mettle, stretch your creative brain and build your Legacy!

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