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Introducing: The Mirandus Exemplars

May 21, 2021
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One of the key components to creating an immersive fantasy world like that of Mirandus is avatars. Through its avatars, the world of Mirandus will encapsulate and absorb its players into a beautiful and enticing experience. By bringing life to avatars in unique new ways, Mirandus will create a richer and more vibrant world for its players, drawing them ever more deeply into adventure itself.

Game Director Michael McCarthy has created the foundation for Mirandus avatars, and we are extremely excited to announce that some special avatars will begin being dropped to node operators this very night. It is our pleasure to introduce just a few of the Exemplars. These are ELITE avatars, and have special bonuses that normal avatars will not, which will allow them to perform certain actions better than others.

True Provider — human

The greatest skills of farming have always belonged to humans, who experience an overwhelming and inexplicable drive to provide for and nurture those around them. They do not judge and they do not play favorites; they derive their happiness from creating, producing and distributing the fruits of their labors. The most elite of these human servant heroes of the world are the Exemplars known as True Providers. The endless joy they derive from their actions result in additional heroic bonuses to all farming and ranching activity.

Rider of the North — human

The greatest riders of Mirandus come from the high plains of the north, where it is said that humans are born with the wandering blood. Truly, these nomadic riders take joy in endless travel and free-spirited adventure. A Rider of the North travels greater distances in a day than most in their entire lives. Their horses are majestic creatures of breathtaking beauty with whom their riders have a powerful unspoken connection. It is said that a Rider of the North is possessed of such selfless valiance that he will lay down his life for his horse in an instant if necessary. The horses would do the same. Riders of the North receive powerful bonuses to all horse-related skills and abilities.

Deep Mountain Clan — dwarf

Some say the dwarves of the deep mountains are as numerous as the stones within which they dwell. There are dozens (perhaps hundreds) of clans under the mountains and spread throughout the veins of the planet, and many of them have not seen the sky in countless centuries. They sing songs in hypnotic deep voices of the ancient kings of Mirandus’ past. They work hard in their mines, feast heartily at the slightest occasion, and live fruitful lives of boundless joy. The Exemplars known as Deep Mountain Clan have evolved through generations to see without sight in the dark. It is said that a Deep Mountain Clan dwarf can sense their surroundings with great precision, even in the darkest pitch blackness.

Beating Heart Clan — orc

Orc hunters strike fear into the hearts of those who wander alone in the wilderness, and with good reason. They have a special sense that allows them to perceive the living, to actually see the blood of their prey coursing through its veins. The Exemplars who have turned this sense into a masterful art form are the Beating Heart Clan. Their members can be found anywhere in the world. They are hunters by trade and passion, and they are killers by instinct. These orcs possess the special ability to see the heat signatures of life forms around them when on the hunt.

Longsong — halfling

Halflings are the merriest people of Mirandus, comprising a majority of its poets, storytellers and musicians. They generally live quiet lives that allow them to create beautiful things without the distractions of a chaotic world. The stories and songs of the halflings can create images, adventures, dreams, even magical spells. The halfling Exemplars known as the Longsongs are the most skilled among them, and the friend of a Longsong is one who keeps good company. They say that the Longsongs disguise powerful magic within their tunes, and that the elders can create spells from sound. Halfling Longsongs receive a bonus in the form of reduced energy cost for spells when playing music.

Everflow Elves — elf

Elves are the rarest of the intelligent creatures that populate the world of Mirandus, and even rarer among them are the magnificent Everflow Elves. Every elf has a deep and intrinsic understanding of magical energy, but the Everflow Elves spend extremely long lifetimes studying and meditating on the conductive flow of magic. They view magic not as a doctrine of “spells” to be cast, but as the natural flow of energy, which when harnessed correctly, can overcome any obstacle and perform even the most challenging task with both strength and ease. Everflow Elves are exquisitely beautiful to behold, and those who are fortunate enough to know them personally are sometimes able to share in the benefits of their magic. As Exemplars, Everflow Elves are given a powerful bonus to casting speed.

Exemplar Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Above are the five ancestries of Mirandus (human, dwarf, orc, halfling, elf), exemplified by six different Exemplars. Basic avatars will always be available, but Exemplars are special avatars that award extraordinary bonuses to the wearer. Some of the above Exemplars will be dropped to the luckiest node operators tonight, and all of the 6 described above will be made available for sale in the Mirandus store beginning at 12:00pm PST tomorrow, May 21st.

We hope you are as excited as we are for each piece of the incredible Mirandus tapestry that is about to begin unfolding before you. Thank you as always for your continued support!

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