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Introducing the Blue Realm

October 6, 2022
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The Blue Realm awaits those who hold the key, with exclusive access to special Discord events.

Now, 8 months after the -into the galaverse announcement that Gala Games would become the Guardian of the Blue Realm, and 5 months after the release of its Blue Realm Tokens to the community via the 888InnerCircle, we are ready to begin…

Activate. Initialize. Power Up.
This is the Blue Realm.

What is the Blue Realm?

Somewhere between the VIP Galaxians who strut through the majestic Discord fields of Gold, and the throngs of players patiently awaiting the coming flood of Web3 games, there exists a new realm, but only for those who hold the key.

Those of you bold and creative enough to venture into the Blue Realm have done so already, when you became the owner of one of the Blue Realm Tokens. You can view the entire audio-visual NFT at its OpenSea page.

The official collection for the Blue Realm is found here:

A New Discord Role

Gala Games lives and breathes in Discord, which has always been our greatest community-building tool. Lately we are also exploring new Discord features, and new ways to interact with our awesome community.

Instead of promises of future utility or drops of collectible NFTs, we’re prepared to do something different with the Blue Realm, and we think you’ll like it.

The Blue Realm is a community within a community. Members will have consistent access to special events hosted exclusively in Discord. With smaller audiences, Guardians of the Blue Realm can attend and discuss scheduled events such as AMAs and developer talks. There will undoubtedly be leaks and teases galore, and we expect some Gala Blue Realm events to be talked about for years to come.

How to Join

Joining the Blue Realm is as simple as owning at least one of the 10,000 total Blue Realm NFTs in existence. You’ll find the Blue Realm Guardian tokens in THIS OPENSEA COLLECTION.

If your Gala Games account is already connected to your Discord account, you must disconnect, then reconnect your account to unlock the Blue Realm role. Follow the guides below.

  1. Disconnect your Discord account
  2. Reconnect your Discord account

If you have not yet connected your Discord account to your Gala Games account, simply make the connection by following step 2 above while the Blue Realm token is in your wallet.

Be warned that your exclusive access and role will be revoked if the 888 Blue Realm token should leave your wallet for any reason.

The First Blue Realm Events

Look for the first events of the Blue Realm to begin very soon. The role is already active in Discord. Some of you Guardians may have already noticed your prestigious new role and community.

To the Guardians of the Blue Realm: We bid you welcome, we wish you all the best, and we look forward to sharing some of the most exciting developments in our Ecosystem directly with you and your fellow Blue Realm Guardians.

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