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Introducing DreamWorks Trolls VOX

October 5, 2022
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In anticipation of the fourth VOX series release, Gala has announced a collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms to launch DreamWorks Trolls VOX, a series of digital collectibles inspired by characters from DreamWorks Trolls. The collection will be on sale starting October 14, 2022.

DreamWorks Trolls Dance Into the VOXverse

The DreamWorks Trolls VOX collection will include 8,888 VOX inspired by characters from the hit films. Fans of Poppy and Branch will be excited to see them as 3D avatars. Plus, the collection includes the special and rare Yarn Snake!

What are VOX?

VOX (singular = a VOX) are adorably pixelated, randomly generated and provably unique 3D avatars that live on the blockchain as NFTs.

Each VOX is completely unique, one-of-a-kind, with a set of random traits that are assigned when the VOX is minted according to its rarity and type.

VOX were built for both metaverse interoperability and collectability. All VOX have multiple pathways to future rewards and earnings for owners, including playability in the upcoming VOXverse, currently being designed and built by legendary Sims creator Will Wright and Gallium Studios. The more rare the VOX, the greater its potential rewards in the long run.

Benefits of DreamWorks Trolls VOX

DreamWorks Trolls VOX boxes will include a chance for additional benefits. Buying a VOX box gives holders a chance to win VOXverse land parcels, Gala Music whitelist tokens, and Gala Film NFTs. Additionally, those who buy DreamWorks Trolls VOX will get access to purchase an exclusive VOX hoodie. This is an exciting time to enter the VOXverse.

Drop Details

VOX Box drop — Friday, October 14th

Supply — 8,888

Currency — ETH

Price — 0.888 ETH

Boxes will be sold through the Coinbase NFT platform, then redeemed through using a connected wallet.

Watch for announcements and make sure you have subscribed with your email at to join the VOX Squad. This will be a drop to remember.
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