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Into the Galaverse

October 8, 2021
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Anyone who has been around the Gala Games ecosystem for more than a few days has undoubtedly heard of the big event the company is planning in Las Vegas for December 11th, 12th and 13th… Into the Galaverse.


About the Galaverse

Gala Games is leaving the conventional aspects of the convention behind, creating something incredible and unique with this epic in-person event. There will be a variety of worlds to explore, creatively built from the concepts of your favorite Gala Games titles. There will be early access releases, VIP entertainment, wining and dining and more. You’ll get the latest news of exciting things to come and even some sneak peaks of things further down the road. There will be gifts and prizes. Most importantly, this is your opportunity to personally meet members of the Gala Games team.

Galaverse Tickets

Passes will be sold starting on Sunday, October 10th. They will be sold through the Gala Games store as blockchain NFTs in 3 different rarities.

These NFT passes will not have any future utility outside of representing admission to a day of the into the galaverse event, but they will always belong to you as a unique collectible reminder of the incredible time you had at the first Galaverse event.

Passes will be sold on a per-day basis, with a limited quantity available for each day and rarity. While we will not yet reveal the prices for these tickets, the availability of each rarity is listed below.

Epic — 660 tickets (330 Saturday, 330 Sunday)
Legendary — 60 Tickets (30 Saturday, 30 Sunday)
Ancient —20 Tickets (10 Saturday, 10Sunday)

Each of these single day tickets also comes with a live stream access pass to Monday’s virtual event.

Node Dropped Tickets

As with every new NFT introduced into the Gala Games ecosystem, a portion of these tickets will be dropped to lucky node operators. We understand that every node operator who receives a dropped ticket may not be able to join us in Las Vegas this December, but we sincerely hope that you can. These tickets will not be valid for secondary market sales.

30 Rare Tickets will be dropped to node operators.

We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas on December 11th and 12th!