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Get Ready for some Major Economy Upgrades

January 27, 2023
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GAMEDIA’s Spider Tanks is about to seriously level up. Read on to learn more.


VP earnings are changing (see below).
It’s getting easier to level up Tanks.
Supercharge is an awesome new thing that’s coming.
Captain/Pilot VP earnings are going up.
Atomic Drop Pod prices are going down.
This is only the beginning.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the world’s first Web3 esport, created by the wizards of GAMEDIA!

Tons of players have already enjoyed the fast-paced arena brawler action, the ownership, and especially the rewards. The game is an absolute blast even without any kind of reward, but we want players to enjoy a little bit of everything that Web3 has to offer, so there are always reward opportunities.

We love to reward our community. It’s kind of our thing. Sometimes after community feedback or extensive observation, balance adjustments are required to ensure that everyone gets the most fair and rewarding gaming experience.

Earnings Adjustments

The following adjustments to the economy will stabilize earnings among all the various rarities. Data we’ve collected has shown that for a healthy and sustainable economy, these changes were definitely needed.

  • Common (+88.57%)
  • Uncommon (+65.57%)
  • Rare (+25.59%)
  • Epic (-25.44%)
  • Legendary (-40.53%)
  • Ancient (-76.29%)


As a special sneak peek, next week’s update will be followed up soon with a new feature called Supercharge…

Supercharge will allow users a massive VP boost (5x the VP for your first win of the day) for 5 matches. The idea here is that if you pick up a supercharge and win the majority of your games for those 5 matches it’s activated, you will come out the other end with explosive VP earnings. There are a few notes on this one just to cover any potential questions that may arise:

  • To prevent this feature from being abused, once a Supercharge is activated, you may only join Solo queue for the next 5 matches until it’s been used fully.
  • Supercharge will not remain tied to a tank part if it is transferred or bridged.
  • There will be a maximum of one Supercharge per part, per day. This limit is imposed on the tank part itself. You may not apply a Supercharge then send it to a friend so they can Supercharge it as well.
  • This feature is coming at a later date, not at the same time as the rest of what we’ve detailed here.

Upgrade Adjustments

Another economic adjustment is to the upgrade system. We’ve made it significantly easier to level Tanks up early on, and redistributed the overall components cost on the way to 30 to make it less of a grind.

Pilot Program

There are also two changes coming to the Pilot Program.

First, we will boost all Captain and Pilot VP earnings with a substantial increase as an experiment (subject to change) to see if folks enjoy that and utilize the system more.

We thought a nice pairing to go along with this would be to severely reduce the prices on all Atomic Drop Pods in the Gala Games store. This change better allows Captains to get everything they have to offer out there for Pilots to enjoy.

Next week’s is the first change of many coming upgrades and we hope everyone enjoys the overall benefit this brings to the Spider Tanks economy. We wanted to give everyone a heads up well ahead of time to prepare for these changes to go live. We’re shooting for sometime next week to implement all of this (except Supercharge). We’ll also be following this up with testing out a Bonus SILK period some time next week as a huge thank you to everyone!

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask any questions you have in Discord, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!