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Get in the Gold

April 2, 2022
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Join Gala Gold before April 14th to get a free Superior NFT… in addition to all the other stuff.

It has once again come to our attention that despite it being totally amazing, many people are unaware of Gala Gold– the exclusive membership club of the Gala Games Ecosystem.

We’ve discussed the details of Gala Gold membership in the past, but since Gala Gold members are getting new perks all the time, we thought it was time to dive into how awesome Gala Gold truly is– just in time for an upcoming free NFT drop to all Gala Gold members.

Gala Gold currently costs $50 for a lifetime membership. That price has increased before, and will likely increase in the future. Once you go Gold though, you’re Gold for life. Gold members get access to free drops, sneak peaks, and early leaks– along with so much more.

Free Stuff!

Everyone who signs up for Gala Gold is eligible to receive free NFTs with in-game utility, starting as soon as you first go Gold.

Express Depot

What are you waiting for?

The Town Star Express Depot drops into the treasure chest of anyone who joins the Gala Gold club. Not only is this depot faster at selling goods than that dusty old depot in your town, but it is also eligible for P2E rewards everyday if you complete the Dynamic Star Challenge.

NOTE — Other than the Express Depot (which is given to every Gold member), Gala Gold NFTs are distributed at one time to all holders of Gala Gold accounts. Those who upgrade to Gold after a drop are never eligible for that drop.

Superior Firepower

The latest Gold-exclusive NFT coming is a delightfully deadly implement of destruction for Superior– the upcoming roguelike shooter! This Plasma rifle skin was designed exclusively for Gala Gold members and will be dropped in the treasure chest of everyone with a membership by the end of the Superior’s Ronin Prime sale on April 14th.

Blasting evil superheroes with serious style

Anyone with a Gala Gold account before the 14th will receive a Plasma Rifle skin with some serious bling. These NFTs will never be dropped retroactively, so make sure you go Gold before the sale ends!

Other NFT Drops

The membership benefits for Gala Gold aren’t one and done. Gala Gold is a lifetime membership, and all members will continue to get access to new, exclusive free items. Remember though that items are never distributed retroactively;

In the past Gold members have received lots of perks, such as a special character avatar for Echoes of Empire, or the Sentinel Uncommon Tank Skin that will add in-game boosts after the full release of Spider Tanks

Ooo, shiny…. Just like Gala Gold.


Leaks Galore!

We may have a bit of a leak problem around here. Sometimes we just can’t contain our excitement over upcoming titles and cool art, videos, and concepts!

The Gala Gold Sneak Peaks channel in Discord is the place to hear information first. Whenever we just can’t keep our mouths shut, that’s where we’re heading to share with the Gold community.

Sometimes creating office chaos– many of these are very, very unplanned.

Hear and Be Heard

The social channels that you get access to in Gala Gold provide you a little more access to everyone here at the Gala Games team. Many of us spend a lot of our time hanging out in Gala Gold. We make friends there, have good discussions, and actually make meaningful connections with like minded people.

As a smaller slice of the overall Gala Games community, the Gala Gold channel in discord is a good place to get to know the people who make Gala Games happen behind the scenes, and we do watch Gala Gold Suggestions closely so that we can listen to the concerns and ideas of our closest supporters.

Playtests and Access

We’ve got a lot going on here at Gala Games. With so many upcoming titles, it’s inevitable that we’re going to need a mob of enthusiastic gamers to help iron out issues at some point. Do you really think we’re going to go out and recruit alpha testers from outside the community when that time comes? Going Gold is definitely for you if you want to be the first to try out upcoming titles as the Gala Games ecosystem develops.

Go for Gold

If you haven’t gone Gold yet, what are you waiting for? Gala Gold is a lifetime membership–it will never expire or need to be renewed. That means the earliest Gala Gold members have received every exclusive NFT we’ve handed out to Gold– all for a small one-time cost.

The last day to grab a Ronin Prime in Superior’s first character presale is April 14th, and that is also the last chance to subscribe to Gala Gold in time to receive the new and Gold-exclusive Plasma Rifle Skin.

The perks for Gala Gold members won’t stop after this, but don’t let this be another drop that you missed because you joined the club too late. Sign up today, and get lifetime membership perks across the entire Gala Games Ecosystem.

Go Gold today!

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