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Gala Plays LIVE… The Walking Dead: Empires

February 16, 2021
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Join the team for TWDE Tuesday with some live gameplay and post-apocalyptic survival, live on 11/28 at 3pm PT!

Let’s be honest here. It would be freaking amazing if we could spend time each and every day just hanging out and live streaming our favorite Gala Games on Youtube. While we’re so busy creating the future of gaming and entertainment, we can’t possibly get away with it every day, but some days are more playful than others!

For the past few months, we’ve dedicated this Tuesday afternoon spot to what’s lovingly become known as the Spider Squad Weekly Stream.

A couple weeks ago for the Spider Tanks anniversary celebration, we did a 9-hour live stream. If you missed it, watch some replay action below!

Right now we’re taking the spotlight away from Spider Tanks for a sec and turning our attention over to The Walking Dead: Empires, because if you don’t watch closely for walkers, they’ll get you and sink those teeth right in.

Say hello to TWDE Tuesdays, the next phase of our Tuesday live gameplay stream!

For those who don’t already know, you can play TWDE anytime through the Gala Games platform!

Don’t miss our stream later tonight, because the more eyes we get on it, the less likely we are to get overrun by walkers.

The action starts at 3pm PT on the official Gala Games Youtube channel.

Watch on your phone while you play the game on PC!

☝Don’t forget to set a notification at that link☝

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