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GALA Giveback Event

February 9, 2024
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You may think we’re pulling your chain, but this ain’t April Fools. For the next 48 hours, we’re hosting an amazing $GALA Giveback Event the likes of which you never thought possible.

Call it generosity. Call it crazy. Whatever you call it, we’re prepared to give you some $GALA when you use a credit card to make purchases from a special set of Mystery Boxes in the Gala Games store.

In case you don’t fully understand…

  1. Buy a participating Mystery Box with a credit card.
  2. Open the Box and find (in addition to the item) some $GALA inside.
  3. Keep the item and do whatever you want with it.


Official Rules

This event lasts for 48 hours. For specific reminders of when the event ends, consult the Discord community.

Keep in mind:

Only purchases made with credit cards qualify.

Only participating Mystery Boxes qualify.

Each item comes in its own Mystery Box (We’ve blown the mystery this time), along with the $GALA.

Buy as many participating items as you want during the event and get $GALA every time.

Participating Items

The following items are found in the Gala Giveback Mystery Boxes

PokerGO Play

  • $24.99 – Uncommon Avatar Frame
  • $64.99 – Rare Avatar Frame

Common Ground World

  • $5 Mystery Box

Meow Match

  • $10 – Toyger

Last Expedition

  • $4.99 – Alice Mackeye “Ice” Skin

Dragon Strike

  • $4.99 – Marian


Sometimes we just like to give back. Don’t question–Just accept it and have fun out there!

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