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Gala Games Founder’s Nodes | Omnibus Proposal V2

July 7, 2022
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Here’s the latest on upcoming plans for the Gala Games Founder’s Node Ecosystem.

There have been very few proposals that have generated quite as much conversation, thinking, and vociferous debate as the last draft of the Omnibus Node Proposal. Gala Games employees spent much of the weekend and the first half of this week in Discord and hosting AMAs on the topic.

There have been a variety of perspectives raised regarding all points of the proposal. Taking community feedback into account, we have tentatively decided to break the proposal into several smaller, more granular proposals, which takes several pieces off the table for the time being.

Therefore, the next draft is:

Vote 1: The Halving Distribution

(July 8th 13:00 PST to July 14th 13:00 PST)

As the halving is taking place this month, should the Founders Node Distribution:

Option 1: Continue with a 50/50 Split in the Distribution between Founders Nodes and Gala Games


Option 2: Should a Bonus Pool be added to the distribution creating a 25/25/50 distribution of all minted $GALA (Founders Nodes / Gala Games / Bonus Pool)

In the event that Option 2 is chosen, the distribution will remain at 50/50 until a future date at which a bonus pool, which has been crafted in collaboration with the community, can be implemented. In this event, the process of drafting the policies around the bonus pool itself will commence shortly after the completion of this Node vote. However, it is expected to take several months before a drafted policy with community backing can be implemented. Once this policy has been created, the nodes will be given the opportunity to vote to confirm it is still in their best interest before final implementation takes place.

To recap, this means that the Node distribution will look like this. Previous years can be seen on the left, with the two options available on the right.

Vote 2: Organizational Approvals

(July 15th 13:00 PST to July 21st 13:00 PST)

Should the Founders Nodes implement a system of organizational approvals for Game Publishers?

Option 1: Yes


Option 2: No

The other votes on the use of Nodes as a fund allocation and the conversion of NFTs into Nodes are interlinked to the extent that they cannot be disentangled from one another. Given the pushback of having Nodes able to be converted to NFTs, we have decided to table this option for now. We will also temporarily table the use of Nodes for organizational funding and DAO purposes as well.

We are absolutely committed to working with the community in a way that benefits the entire ecosystem. We know that right now, when markets are down, people tend to get fearful and lash out at things that they perceive as unknowns. We do not want to be that unknown to the community, and are here to communicate and work together to achieve equitable solutions and outcomes for everyone.

Discord AMA — July 7th @ 3pm PT

Join us in our Discord at and jump into the node channel to continue to discuss this proposal with the rest of the community! Jason “BitBender” Brink will host an AMA with the community on Thursday, July 7th at 3pm PST on all Gala Games channels while taking questions from Discord, so mark your calendars to join in the discussion!