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Gala Earth: Gala Games Puts Down Roots to become Carbon Negative

March 30, 2021
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Those of you that were watching the Zenzo Checkpoint #14 this weekend know that the GALA HOARD planted some trees this weekend by shattering records on the Checkpoint for number of viewers AND number of people participating in the marble race. This was a BLAST, and it was something that made everyone feel good.

But, it left us thinking a bit. As you all know, Gala Games is doing amazing things for the world of gaming by empowering players everywhere to own their experience while also reminding them that life can and should be fun. There is another important part of Gala Games’ mission that you may not have heard as much about, but it is just as close to the hearts of those in the Gala Games family as empowering the world through play. Gala Games means to create growth not only in terms of business, but in every possible sense of the word. So, we decided we could do better.

There is nothing in the world that can teach us about growth better than plants. They are growth personified. Their life cycles build and sustain the literal ground upon which we build our cities, our towns and our homes. Still, plants cannot always keep up with the needs, expectations and demands put on them by humankind. By taking even a small amount of their stewardship into our capable hands, we can together create a better world for ourselves, and more importantly, our children.

We are pleased to announce that Gala Games will be planting 50,000 trees in our very first Gala Earth Forest. This money will plant trees somewhere they are desperately needed by funding a shovel-ready forest project. These trees will create jobs for locals, ecosystems for wildlife in challenging times, and oxygen for the planet that we all call home. We are in the process of selecting projects with OneTreePlanted and will release further news once things have moved forward. This is just the first of many steps towards being a carbon-negative company.

This beginning is just one of the many ways in which Gala Games plans to give back to the bountiful Earth, contributing to a more comfortable and sustainable home for all of us. As this company grows, we will teach others to grow. And we will provide crucial resources for the plants of the world, the ultimate teachers of growth.

We are incredibly grateful to you for empowering us to create this kind of positive impact in the world, and as always, this is only the beginning. Thank you.