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Founder’s Node Vote– ‘Project Saturn’

June 1, 2022
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A new sci-fi 4x strategy game is up for approval by the Founder’s Node Ecosystem.

As always at Gala Games, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the finest, freshest games out there. Today we’re here to say we’ve found a game that we think will be perfect for the Gala Games community. Playing on the themes of sci-fi survival and reconstruction, this game features in depth 4X/Strategy with PvE and PvP elements.

We are currently only able to refer to this project by the name “Project Saturn”, but will be able to share much more at Galaverse in Malta. It is our sincerest belief that “Project Saturn” would be an incredible addition to the Gala Games Ecosystem, and we are proud to present “Project Saturn” as the next game for your consideration!

In “Project Saturn”, you will control ships, heroes, and bases across the stars. Protect yourself against the assaults of your enemies, and expand to increase throughout the splintered factions that make up the scattered remains of the human race.

“Project Saturn” takes place in long seasonal cycles (likely 3–6 months). Each season, players will have to rebuild their war-torn base, cooperate with others to expand their reach and technology, then rise to reclaim their land and repel their enemies!

Players will be able to compete on both Alliance and Individual leaderboards each season. Each season represents a chance to experiment with new factions and strategies and push your way to the top of the leaderboard.

AMA — May 31 at 4pm PT!

Watch the AMA live on May 31 at 4pm PT!

The following 48 hour Founder’s Node vote will be live from June 1 @ 3pm PT until June 3 @ 3pm PT.

Project Name: “Project Saturn”

Developer: Revolving Games

Genre: 4X Strategy

Node Drop Mechanism: Up to 8% of all NFTs will be distributed to the operators of active Founder’s Nodes at the time of minting. If a reward token is created for Project Saturn, a small portion of it will also be rewarded daily to active Founder’s Node operators.

Release Date: TBD

Humanity has been nearly eliminated in a brutal war, but the struggle continues as scattered survivors try to rebuild, expand and defend their shattered civilization. Travel the stars and explore new worlds. Make alliances with other factions, but ensure your own survival above all else!

The game will feature in-depth systems for player ownership and rewards. NFTs are tentatively planned for ships, bases, and heroes and we’ll have more information to share with you soon.

The Vote

Will the Gala Founder’s Node operators agree to the addition of “Project Saturn” into the Gala Games Ecosystem, in exchange for up to 8% of all NFTs created by the game?

  • YES– A vote for including “Project Saturn” in the Gala Games Ecosystem
  • NO– A vote against including “Project Saturn” in the Gala Games Ecosystem
  • ABSTAIN– A vote showing no preference

To Vote: Open your Gala Game Node Software and click on the VOTING tab.

Voting Duration: The Node Vote will run from June 1 @ 3pm PT to June 3 @ 3pm PT.

Requirement to Pass: Simple majority.

Pending the results of this Node Vote, we hope to soon unveil the “Project Saturn” website and share much more information regarding this amazing project with you in Malta at Galaverse!

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