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Founder’s Node Proposal — Two New Gaming Titles

December 9, 2021
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Well, this is a little awkward. We’re preparing to reveal and open presale for two incredibly exciting new games to be added to the Gala Games ecosystem. We’ll tell you everything we can, but with this governance vote, there will be a prevailing element of mystery, as we are not yet able to announce the titles or developers of these games.

This 24 hour Founder’s Node vote will begin sometime tomorrow (December 9th). We will announce in Discord as soon as the vote is live.

Why Vote First?

You may be wondering why we don’t wait until after the announcement of these titles to initiate the standard Founder’s Node governance vote.

At -into the galeverse we plan to not only reveal these two amazing games, but launch their initial presales and mint NFT items. This means that the governance vote must be conducted before any items are sold.

Why Not Say More?

You may be wondering why we cannot reveal the titles and developers of these games. The answer is simply that the Galaverse announcement has been specifically arranged through detailed negotiations. With games of this caliber, confidentiality is of utmost importance, as is honoring every part of every deal.

By submitting the new games for the approval of our Node operators, we are honoring the deal we made with our ecosystem. By respecting the confidentiality and coordinated release specifications of the new developers joining our platform, we honor our agreements with them as well.

Trust us. You’ll want these games to be part of our ecosystem.

Project 1— Survival MMORPG

This is the kind of thrilling addition to the Gala Games ecosystem that you’ll have to see to believe. In a brutal game of survival against (yet untold) forces, players will own land and try to carve out an existence for themselves in an apocalyptic frontier backed by the blockchain.

The title itself is a well-known household name, and the style of play lends itself beautifully to blockchain gaming. Its creepy atmosphere and spine-tingling style will blow you away, and the play-to-earn ownership mechanics will allow players and land owners to earn in exciting new ways. Additionally, the notoriety of this title will lead hordes of new players to discover blockchain gaming through Gala Games.

Project 2— Business Simulation

This game has already been thoroughly developed by one of the most esteemed creators in the professional gaming space. In what the well known developer describes as a “light bulb moment” while talking with Mirandus Game Director Michael McCarthy, it was decided that this title fits own-your-experience blockchain gaming in an absolutely perfect way.

The game itself is about ownership and business development. Using their own creativity and wiles, players create and grow businesses from idea to empire. With a world class development team at the helm and a complete play-to-earn economy brought to life by the experts at Gala Games, this title is sure to be an instant hit.

On to the Vote

We are so excited about both of these titles that we have them slated for release at -into the galaverse next weekend.

Node operators: Submit your votes for the next 24 hours, and we look forward to filling you in on all the juicy details live at -into the galaverse!

Will the Gala Games Founder’s Node operators add two new gaming titles to the ecosystem, both created by prominent and successful game developers, in exchange for a 4–8% distribution of all NFTs created by these titles? Project 1 is an MMORPG Survival game and Project 2 is a Simulation game. More information about both titles will be released at Into the Galaverse on December 11th, 12th and 13th.


Yes — I want these titles to join the Gala Games platform and ecosystem.
No — I do not want these titles to join the Gala Games platform and ecosystem at this time.
Abstain — I do not have enough information to vote or am not interested in voting.

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