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Fortitude: Alpha Battle Concluded

December 22, 2022
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The early conflict in Death Roar subsides… for now. Thanks for participating in this playtest!

The Developing Conflict

For all but the most battle-tested Lords, this was their first excursion into the harsh land of Death Roar. The battle will always be hard fought in the land of eternal conflict, but remember the biggest war is yet ahead. This is just the beginning of the battles that will engulf the continent in a never-ending struggle for power.

We saw thousands of players take part in this early conflict, enjoying newly added real time battles, traps and higher level towns, and a vastly improved UI. Thank you to each and every member of the community who joined the battle this time. We hope to show you tons more progress the next time weapons are drawn!

The Power of Your Kingdom

During this alpha test, each player was able to engage with the Clan system alongside the core gameplay for the first time! While player-owned Clans were not yet implemented, any player was able to access a temporary Warbound Clan for the duration of this playtest.

This Clan only existed in the game for the duration of this playtest, but in the future player-owned Clans will enable you to call a group of warriors to your side for mutual benefit in the wars to come. We can’t wait to see players assembling their armies and preparing to dominate the conflict in Death Roar.

The Trials of Empire

Regardless of whether you chose to join up with a Clan or start your own, all Mission Points earned in this alpha test were only temporary. At launch, Mission Points accumulated each day would be convertible into rewards, but at this time they are only simulated so that we can test content and make sure that players love the game systems.

While this may be a trial run for an aspiring ruler, a good King is aware that wisdom and planning are the real weapons with which he or she will ultimately seize control of the continent. Did you learn the lessons these early battles had to teach? Experience is a power with no equal.

The Coming War

This second alpha playtest was just one step in the development of Fortitude, and we hope players thoroughly enjoyed getting inside the game and seeing what the devs have been working on. There’s a lot more to showcase in the coming months, and we appreciate every member of our community for taking part in these tests and providing feedback.

What were you most excited about in this playtest for Fortitude? Let us know in Discord or in the comments below!