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Flare Friday; Cooperation, Anticipation and Development

June 19, 2021
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It has been over four months since Gala Games first announced the beginnings of its partnership with the Flare Network in this post. Not long after that, the first of our Flare Friday posts described in greater detail the ways in which the Flare Network as an alternate base layer could help the Gala Games ecosystem overcome obstacles of NFT minting on Ethereum. Then in April it was announced in this post that Gala Games would be contributing to the upcoming Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) and rewarding the operators of certain randomly selected Gala nodes with additional Spark ($FLR) tokens. And most recently as an exciting development cementing a strong partnership that will grow for many years, it was announced that the prestigious Citadel of the Moon was being purchased by none other than The Flare Network.

The team at Flare has been working hard preparing for their mainnet launch loosely scheduled for the end of July, at which point $FLR distributions will begin. Gala Games is looking forward to this launch with great anticipation, as it will almost immediately allow new options and alternatives to our ecosystem. The company has also been successfully raising funds and gaining worldwide attention. Earlier this week, Flare announced completion of a funding round in which over $11 million was raised from backing firms such as Kenetic Capital, Coinfund and Digital Currency Group, as well as well-known individual investors including Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.

The Flare Network and Gala Games share many of the same core values, like empowering consumers and decentralizing companies to create greater ecosystems than ever before. Flare sees Gala Games as a perfect example of this mission because of the way the company’s focus begins with its most valuable assets: The players. By empowering players through NFTs and blockchain-backed asset ownership, Gala Games is able to perfectly demonstrate the mission of the Flare Network while allowing Flare to help us accomplish our own mission.

Gala Games: The Dawn of Gaming on Flare

Update on FTSO

Behind the scenes, the Gala Games team has recently been given access to the Time Series Oracle repository so they can begin the process of implementing them into Gala Games nodes.

The Citadel of the Moon

With the announcement of Flare’s purchase of the Citadel of the Moon, it was also mentioned the option will be added to mint GALA to the Flare Network, not as a replacement to the ERC-20 token, but as an alternative choice for all players in the ecosystem. In time, a bridge which will allow players to move their ERC-20 GALA into the Flare ecosystem. Utilizing Flare’s F-asset system in order to mint F-GALA as a much faster and cheaper (gas) alternative choice for all players in the ecosystem would be an excellent alternative to the more traditional Ethereum-backed tokens currently available.

Future Mirandus players will want to pay special attention to upcoming Flare announcements, especially those involving the Citadel of the Moon. Players who hold Flare-based NFTs will in some cases be entitled to special buffs and bonuses when dealing with Flare’s own Citadel of the Moon in the Mirandus game!

What Will Flare Do for Gala Games?

The Flare Network will provide an alternate method of minting NFTs that will allow members of the Gala Games ecosystem to transact without being subject to high and always fluctuating gas fees. NFT assets will be able to be minted directly to Flare, or transferred easily to Flare after they have been minted. Everything will basically work the same, but on the Flare Network, the costs of minting, transferring and transacting will be only a small fraction of those on Ethereum.

Basically, the Flare Network has created a perfect base layer solution for us as Gala Games looks to a future that contains dozens (or more) different games and countless NFT in-game assets.

Upcoming AMA with Flare CEO Hugo Philion

If you have questions about any aspects of this partnership, you’ll have a chance to pick the brains of two great leaders at an upcoming AMA streamed through the Gala Games video channels. Hugo Philion, CEO of Flare Networks, and Gala Games CMO Jason “Bitbender” Brink will spend plenty of time chatting about possibilities and answering questions from the communities of both Gala Games and the Flare Network. You won’t want to miss this valuable opportunity to get an inside look at one of the greatest partnerships in gaming. Date and time of the AMA session is TBD, so stay tuned for updates and check the Gala Games Discord regularly.

We encourage our entire ecosystem to follow and learn about the Flare Network, a company that has not only become a partner of Gala Games, but a company that is doing some of the most innovative and incredible things in blockchain today. Like Prometheus of ancient Greece, they have stolen fire from the gods, and through the power of decentralization, they are sharing it to empower the whole world.

Flare Network Blog

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