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Eternal Paradox Launch: An Epic 4X Mobile RPG Adventure

December 6, 2023
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The 4X mobile RPG launches today (12/5) at 5pm PT, inviting you to embark on a journey of conquest, exploration, and rewards.

Come stretch your fingers, gather round
The place your brightest screen is found,
Wherein the Paradox begins,
And where the bravest always wins.

But once you have begun they say,
You’ll never want to miss a day,
For in the game, as fate ordained,
The more you’ve played, the more you’ve gained.

Update — The Paradox is Live

Get in the game now on your favorite mobile device, and be sure to leave us a review in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!

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Embrace the Eternal Cycle

The end is the beginning is the end is the… Delve into a world where time is a paradox, repeating itself endlessly in 49-day cycles. This unique narrative twist not only creates an immersive and captivating gameplay experience but also fuels fierce seasonal competition, daily and seasonal gameplay rewards, and a compelling fantasy storyline that will leave you wanting more!

Check out this awesome new gameplay trailer while you count down the hours before 5pm PT!👇

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Unleash Your Strategic Prowess

Eternal Paradox seamlessly blends 4X strategy, RPG elements, and cutting edge web3 ownership, providing a captivating and rewarding experience for both casual and competitive gamers. Engage in strategic gameplay, build and upgrade your Fortresses, and command your Mercenaries to conquer the battlefield. But be sure to protect and defend your Fortress–The dark forces of Shakram are always lurking in the shadows, and your neighbors will always want what you have!

Eternal Paradox Store

Own Your Adventure

Eternal Time is on your side.

Eternal Paradox introduces Eternal Time (ETIME), the game’s native token that powers the ecosystem and rewards players for their achievements. Utilize ETIME to acquire in-game assets, upgrades, and Mercenaries, further enhancing your gameplay experience.

Official ETIME Contract Address:

Read the Litepaper

Players can earn ETIME for various gameplay activities on a daily or seasonal basis as outlined in the Eternal Paradox Litepaper. Bridge your ETIME easily to the Ethereum blockchain for trading on external exchanges, save it up or enjoy exclusive ETIME sink items, such as limited edition NFT Mercenaries that cannot be acquired by any other means!

Mercenary Tome Discount Extended

Powerful Mercenaries are summoned from this book!

We’ve listened to our community feedback and extended the 31% discount on Mercenary Tomes! This special offer ensures that our core community members have the easiest possible route to starting their Eternal Paradox journeys as owners for the first season. As outlined in this blog, each Mercenary Tome contains a single GalaChain-minted Mercenary whose rarity is Rare or better. Roughly 1 in 50 Mercenary Tomes will even contain an extremely scarce Ancient edition of one of the first-generation Mercs!

Remember, Mercenary Tomes are only available while supplies last — Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Land Grants: Claim Your Domain

Become a permanent landowner by purchasing Land Grants in three different sizes from the Gala Games store. Expand your influence, control over warriors, and reap additional rewards from game activity on your land.

If you were already holding an ERC-721 Land token in your Gala Games inventory, all you need to do is login to the game and connect your Gala account. A new-and-improved GalaChain minted Land token will automatically be issued to you. Be sure to open the original ERC-1155 Land Claim that contained the land token first for your land ownership to be recognized!

Please note that following the issuance of your new in-game Land token on GalaChain, the original ERC-721 Land tokens are deprecated and will have no further value or utility.

Gem Packs: Unlock Your Potential

Purchase Gem packs from the Gala Games store to make greater and quicker strides in the game. Gems will give you a competitive edge, allowing you to acquire resources, upgrade your Fortresses, and train your Mercenaries more efficiently.

Immortal Stats: Set Yourself Apart

Owned Mercenaries enjoy Immortal Stats that persist through season resets. Play with owned Mercenaries to gain a strategic advantage and position yourself well for the next season.

Immortal Emblems

Every Mercenary that can be owned as a minted item can also be earned through basic gameplay. Using the required number of Immortal Emblems, you can assign a final rarity to an in-game-only Mercenary of your choice, getting them ready to be minted on GalaChain. Once minted, the rarity is fixed for good, so choose wisely, warriors!

Lose Yourself in the Paradox Today

The season starts today and will last for 49 days. Download and play Eternal Paradox on your favorite mobile device through the Apple Store or Google Play!

Join the Community

Join the Eternal Paradox Discord community to discuss strategies, share tips, and connect with fellow players.

Embark on your Eternal Paradox adventure today and experience the thrill of conquest, exploration, and rewards!

Play the Game

Eternal Paradox Store