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Eternal Paradox — Announcing the Mercenary Tome Presale

November 17, 2023
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Your chance to start collecting Mercenaries starts on November 23rd, along with a limited time 30% off sale!

Karls, the Mercenary King is gone and feared dead. The Ring of Ruin has risen from the pit and come to life, reawakening a chilling and ancient paradox magic into the world. Armed with dual sabers and a series of Karls’ letters to his most trusted comrades, an outnumbered pirate captain named Bianca must win the mercenaries’ trust and unite them under a new banner to save the world from Shakram’s certain doom… before it is too late.

The mercenaries are uncertain how Elysium got into such dire straits, but they will not dare doubt their fearless leader, King Carls, who now seems to speak to them from beyond the grave through this mysterious pirate and the letters she carries.

Can Bianca muster the forces necessary (with your help) to defeat Shakram? Will she find enough friends willing to help in her strange quest? The die is cast, the stakes could not be higher, and only time can tell if good or evil will prevail.

As discussed in AMAs and previous blogs, Mercenaries are the main way to participate in the reward economy of Eternal Paradox as an owner. This initial pre-launch Mercenary sale will give you an early chance to build up a sweet collection of Mercenaries, so you can go for the Ring of Ruin with everything you’ve got in the game’s inaugural 49-day season.

Why Mercenaries?

Eternal Paradox is a brilliantly unique mobile game that blends classic elements of RPG battling with a cutthroat and competitive 4X (eXplore, eXploit, eXpand, eXterminate) adventure. Those who obtain the strongest collection of Mercenaries early will be patting themselves on the back, while anyone who misses out will be left to curse the void of the paradox!

Every Mercenary has their own battle skillset, element and clan. These variables must be arranged carefully and strategically to emerge victorious from battle. Eternal Paradox battles can easily come down to the wire, so every strategic decision counts.

Owned vs In-Game-Only

Keep in mind that ownership is not required to play Eternal Paradox, as Mercenaries are unlocked within the 49-day Eternal Paradox cycle through narrative and gameplay. However, those who own minted versions of Mercenaries will receive additional perks and benefits to gameplay. We’ll tell you more about those details soon (before the launch).

Perhaps the most important of these additional benefits (other than the ability to bridge out and trade externally) is a sweet feature we like to call Immortal Stats. At the end of each 49-day cycle, the paradox will always reset and begin the cycle again. Everything resets except… you guessed it: Immortal Stats.

That’s right. Your owned Mercenaries (regardless of rarity or level) will always retain their stat boosts when the game servers reset. Think of the head start players will enjoy in Season II who build their owned Mercenary collections early.

Mercenary Tome

Behold the Mercenary Tome!

This is a very special and magical book. Each Mercenary Tome allows you to summon a single minted warrior from the ten Mercenaries available in this inaugural set. These characters are some of the most important in the game, and each is available in 4 different rarities: Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient. Every Mercenary Tome is guaranteed to contain a Mercenary that is Rare or better.

The ten different Mercenaries you may find in the first Mercenary Tomes will be revealed over the next few weeks, as each of their backstories and skills are revealed in upcoming blogs. The odds of pulling each rarity are listed below:

Rare — 75%
Epic — 17.5%
Legendary — 5.5%
Ancient — 2%*

*This is double the 1% chance that was used in Champions Arena!

While Tomes are 30% off for the first week, you can always increase your chances at an Ancient pull by stacking. We’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.

We’re holding some of the juiciest info back this time. You’ll have to wait for the price, the Mercenaries, and their stories. We’re not even going to spill the game’s launch date today, but we will tell you when the 1-week 30% off sale will begin: 1 week from today, on Thursday, November 23rd (yep, that’s Thanksgiving day).

Update for ERC-721 Landowners

Now that we’re live on GalaChain, we’re prepared to drop a shiny new GalaChain token for each piece of Eternal Paradox land.

If you own a Land Deed as an ERC-721, follow the instructions below to ensure you get your new GalaChain Deed when you begin playing Eternal Paradox with your linked Gala Games account:

  1. Open Your Elysium Land Deed (ERC-1155) if you have not already done so.
  2. Hold your opened ERC-721 Land Deed in your Gala Games connected wallet.
  3. Download Eternal Paradox and connect the Gala Games account containing your Land. That’s it! No gas fee or bridging action is required.
  4. Once you have received your new GalaChain NFT land, the old ERC-721 will be effectively deprecated and its metadata will be updated to reflect that no one should buy or sell it.

It’s time to get seriously psyched for Eternal Paradox. That’s all for now, so you better get back to Discord to see if you can get some red name to cave and tell you more. Not this time! Mwaahaahaa!!!

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