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Echoes of Empire — Celestial Token Sale

November 9, 2021
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The Celestial Claim Land Presale begins on Wednesday, November 10th.

To be notified first of the exact time of release, sign up at Echoes-of-Empire.Game now!

Echoes of Empire is a free to play, sci-fi, 4X strategy game created by Ion Games and brought to you by Gala Games. Gameplay boils down to the following core loop.

  • Explore— Players send their probes, convoys and fleets to reveal the secrets of the galaxy.
  • Expand — Players upgrade home bases, fleets and mines using resources gathered throughout the galaxy.
  • Exploit— Players mine, loot, raid and trade resources from mines, monoliths, enemy bases and holdings.
  • Exterminate— Players battle and defeat NPC warlords and space pirates as well as rival players.

Through a mixture of PvP and PvE content, players will fight off space pirates, explore the cosmos, complete story missions, and perform expeditions to uncover the richest secrets of the galaxy.

PvP content will consist of individual players and guilds fighting each other, as well as raids of other players’ holdings, which can include bases, depots and mining operations.


Player ownership of in-game assets and the play-to-earn economy are core mechanics in Echoes of Empire. The most powerful of all of these assets are NFTs called CELESTIAL CLAIMS. When mined in gameplay, Celestial Claims produce both basic and special resources. Basic resources are used in support of all the different systems of gameplay.

Basic resources can be used to recruit and upgrade knights and heroes, which can be utilized in battle or research. They can also be used to build and upgrade probes, mining ships, research vessels, convoys, fleets and flagships. Finally, they can be used to build and upgrade all aspects of your home base, from docks and research facilities to resource storage and repair bays.

The most important special resource is also the primary P2E token of Echoes of Empire. It is called Dust, and described in greater detail below.


Dust is the ERC-20 play-to-earn token of the upcoming game. Further details on supply and distribution will come at a later date.

Through gameplay, all Celestial Claims produce a very special and powerful resource called Dust. Dust will be the essence of play-to-earn in Echoes of Empire. It will unlock the most potent and powerful upgrades across all aspects of gameplay. For example, Dust can be used to create blueprints for rare capital ships, research ancient artifacts, unlock special attacks, fuel intergalactic travel, or even make substantial upgrades to Celestial Claims themselves.

More scarce Celestial Claims will mean a greater abundance of Dust that can be produced through gameplay. More mines on a claim means more players will be able to lease those mines, resulting in more Dust. Both the Celestial Claim owner and the player that leases the mine will be able to earn Dust.

Initial Details — Ember’s Grace Claims

Above are the initial details for Celestial Claims from Ember’s Grace. Note: Pricing and sale systems are subject to change as the presale continues and enters different Star Clusters.

Generally speaking, Celestial Claims come in different rarities and convey different types and levels of resources. These Claims…

  • Are Limited in supply — Claims in 3 clusters will be sold. Each cluster consists of around 2,000 Celestial Claims of varying rarities.
  • May be Sold — Celestial Claims may be sold or traded outside of the game in a player controlled economy.
  • Contain Leasable Mines — The number of players to which the mines on a Celestial Claim can be leased depends on the rarity of the Claim.
  • Are Upgradeable — Permanent upgrades can be performed to Celestial Claims that increase various aspects of the claim.
  • Enable Play-to-Earn Gaming — Utilizing them in game will empower players to earn for playing. Through mines, both owners and renters can earn Dust, the play-to-earn token of Echoes of Empire.

How to Claim

In this presale, you will be able to purchase Celestial Claims specific to a cluster of the galaxy. Using the claims, players will be given a chance to choose their own Celestial Body and claim it during the early access to the game (Land Rush — Date TBA). This access will be granted in order of purchased Claim rarity. If a player has multiple Celestial Claims, they will be granted access based on the greatest level of rarity and be allowed to make all their claims prior to the next wave of rarity. Players will enter the game, scope out the Celestial Body on which they want to use their Celestial Claim, then permanently claim their celestial body.

Order of Release — Valentina’s Interactive Adventure

The order in which Celestial Claims in various galactic clusters will be available for sale is dependent on the community’s votes in the interactive story of smuggler Valentina Barbaro. Catch up on her story at the links below, and get involved in the voting through the Discord Community.

Part 1 — Kepler’s Remnant

Part 2 — Sovereign Protectorate

Part 3 — Lightspire

Part 4 — Shepherd’s Void

Part 5 — Coming Soon…

Once Valentina has visited a cluster then left, that cluster’s Claims will not be available again until she returns, when they will return with an increased price!