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Don’t Mess With The Wiseguy: New Tank Parts Available Soon

June 14, 2023
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Get ready to make the competition sleep with the fishes — The Wiseguy is here.

It is that time again for new Tank Parts to make their debut in the arena, and The Wiseguy is ready. This made man of a combo was engineered by Planetary Union scientists with a fairly straightforward design… who needs tricks and shenanigans with a gun this serious though?

This time, however, many players have gotten an early sneak peek of some of The Wiseguy build in action. We’re of course talking about Jet and Triple Threat. Last year, all critical infrastructure personnel and planetary representatives received a free, Common version of this Tank. These rudimentary models have finally been perfected for mass production across the Planetary Union!

Sale Details

As with our most recent sales, we will be releasing the supply for this sale in two waves. We hope this gives Pilots across the world more opportunity to grab one of these new Tank Parts at a time that’s convenient for them.

The first of these waves will begin tomorrow- Wednesday, June 14th at 12pm PT. Half of the supply of each Part will be available at this time in the Spider Tanks Store (rounded up in the case there is a remainder).

The second wave begins at 8pm PT the same day. At this time, the other half of the supply will become available. In the case that a Part is not sold out, new supply will be added to the existing supply.

As with our last sale, these Parts will enter the store with a special percentage price reduction applied. These discounted prices will be discontinued or altered with little or no notice, so get them while they last if you want The Wiseguy on your side in the arena.

These discounts were applied to get more Tanks in more Pilots hands and to celebrate the beginnings of the second generation of Tank Parts. Attentive Pilots will notice, however, that discounts applied to new Parts have generally been decreasing as Generation 2 advances.

Triple Threat

Why have one gun when you can have three mashed into one?

Triple Threat sure feels like it poses more than three threats when you’re up against it. This 3-barreled Weapon is able to launch lead at your opponents with dizzying speed. This makes it the perfect Weapon for hit and run tactics and providing bursts of covering fire.

A full blast from Triple Threat will make most Tanks second guess opposing you.

Many Pilots may struggle with firing Triple Threat accurately at first, but once you dial in your marksmanship, it can do massive damage to an enemy if you can hit with every bullet.


Just like that hoverboard you’ve always wanted.

Jet hovers above the battlefield, ready for anything that comes at it. Seriously, Jet is the height of adaptability. This medium Body is fairly well balanced in Armor and Speed, but has a huge reserve of Energy to use more Abilities.

Move like a little guy, but use Energy like a big guy.

This gives you the luxury of being able to choose how you specialize during a match. With Energy to spare, you can decide to grab Abilities that ramp up your survivability, quickness or your deadliness.


At long last, you can look as dangerous as you feel!

Heatseeker is dangerous. Bursting with Energy, this Skin does provide a modicum of protection from incoming damage, but its main advantage is a sizable boost to killing power.

Pilots will find their Tank’s Energy heavily increased while using Heatseeker, and their Weapons will release untold chaos the next time they go to the mattresses.

Gangster Hat

Hats like these were known to strike fear into the hearts of primitive humans.

You looking at me? Well now everybody will be looking at you, because your hat just screams well-connected and well-armed!

The Gangster hat is your guardian angel out here on these mean streets. It offers you far more protection than one would generally expect a hat to offer, but this is a really cool hat.

Happy Battling

With the recent beginning of Season 1 in the arena, we hope everyone’s climb up the ladder is going well. Hopefully these new Tank Parts help the fight. There’s nothing like a little rapid fire to blow up the competition.

We’ll be back before too long with more all new Tank Parts, but don’t forget to keep an eye on the Spider Tanks Store in the weeks in between– we hear there are some surprises dropping in there when Pilots least expect it.

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