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Day of the $GALA Contract Upgrade

May 16, 2023
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Here’s what you need to know as a holder of $GALA going into today’s big contract upgrade.

Distribution of $GALA (v2) is on track to start today following the snapshot, but due to Ethereum network congestion and fluctuating transaction times, distributing to all wallets will take longer than expected as we ensure the contract upgrade is as safe and smooth as possible.


Block 17267620 is currently expected at about 1:45pm PT today. VIEW COUNTDOWN. Total distribution to all wallets holding $GALA is currently expected to take several days.


Due to rapidly advancing tech in the web3 world, as well as Gala Games’ continued success and growth, some important updates were needed to the contract for $GALA, the official ecosystem token of the Gala Games ecosystem.

Because the desired updated functions of the token were not entirely supported by the original $GALA contract, a new $GALA (v2) contract has been created. Therefore, once the new contract is implemented, we will begin distributing $GALA (v2) at a rate of 1:1 to every wallet holding $GALA at the time of today’s Block 17267620 snapshot, after which the original token will be deprecated and no longer have any utility.

At the time of the snapshot, all utility and function will cease for the original $GALA token. We have been in contact with all centralized exchanges that list $GALA and we have assembled an up-to-date list of exchanges that have explicitly announced their support of the $GALA contract upgrade. Please note that if you have chosen to keep your $GALA on a non-supporting exchange, it is likely you will lose your funds. Additionally, it may take several business days for exchanges to distribute $GALA to their users.

List of Supporting Exchanges
$GALA (v2) Contract Audit Information

Your Most Important Questions

Do I need to do anything?

If your $GALA is held in a self-custody (non-exchange) wallet and not currently in a liquidity pool, no action is required on your part.

My $GALA is in my Gala Games Treasure Chest. Do I need to mint it first?

No, you do not need to mint your Treasure Chest $GALA.

When can I expect $GALA distribution?

The distribution will be spread out over the course of a few days, and we will notify the community once the distribution is complete. You will also be able to follow along in Discord in #GALA-minting to watch the distribution proceeding.

How can I confirm my wallet address is on the list?

Use THIS LIST to confirm that your distribution is on track. To use this, simply search for your address and you will be able to see the amount of $GALA it held as of Block 17267620.

We appreciate your patience and support through this important contract upgrade process. Please be vigilant and supportive of your fellow community members while practicing caution and security for yourself.

We also ask for respect and understanding toward our dedicated community support staff in Discord, all of whom work tirelessly to make yours the best possible web3 gaming experience.

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