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Corrupting Darkness and Purifying Light: New Champions for Season 8!

November 30, 2023
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Azazel and Bishop are entering the battle, just in time for Season 8 in Champions Arena!

Arena Season 8 has already begun, and two new Champions have stepped into the battle!

Our new Champions this time are both the same and opposite, depending on your perspective. On one side we have the fallen angel, seeking comfort in the chaos after everything was ripped away from her for a simple shred of doubt. On the other we have the survivor, a broken man, driven to take his vengeance out on all evil he encounters.

Welcome to Bishop and Azazel!

Check them out on the Gala Games YouTube!

Both of these Champions share one common thread– they have nothing to lose. They are fully dedicated to their fight in the arena… no matter the cost.

Azazel, Fallen Angel

Azazel was once a paragon of nobility… champion of the Avatar Guardians. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Cast out, Azazel has learned the ways of the demons of Ka-Drax. Her fighting tactics rely on deep magic few can duplicate. She’ll reinvigorate her friends even as she saps her enemies. All of her attacks will deal damage based on the highest Attack among all party members rather than her own Attack.

Normal Attack will strike out at an enemy while simultaneously healing the ally with the lowest current HP. A card match will also cause her to gain Mana.

Spell Orb will attack an enemy with larger damage and grant Mana to Azazel. A card match will cause some of the damage caused by Spell Orb to heal the ally with the current lowest HP.

Curse Explosion deals damage to all enemies, inflicting Crit Rate Down. A card match will cause the Skill to grant a barrier to all allies based on Azazel’s Attack.

Pain Siphon allows Azazel to strike back immediately at an opponent whenever they deal a Critical Strike to an ally. When this activates, Azazel will also increase her Turn Gauge.

Bishop, Indomitable Exorcist

A monster took everything Bishop loved away. Now he’ll take everything from every monster.

Bishop had only started to get what he wanted from life when the vampire took everything he loved. He couldn’t save her, and he never forgets it for a second. He won’t fail to save anyone again. Every bullet is designed to end the life of something wicked.

Normal Attack deals damage to a single enemy based on Attack. A card match will increase the damage.

Critical Draw deals damage to a single enemy Attack. A card match will increase the damage.

Rumble Shuffle deals damage to a single enemy Attack. A card match will grant Bishop Overload. If Bishop already has Overload, he will instead receive a x2 multiplier to his Crit Power for the same duration.

Overload is a buff given by Rumble Shuffle. When Bishop has this status, he will gain additional Crit Power for each debuff on the enemy.

Let the Battle Begin!

Will you search your summons for the alluring darkness or the searing light? Either side you choose, the battle is coming.

Just as with previous new Champions, these two newcomers will have an increased chance to be summoned and will receive a VP boost in battles.

Just like always, these Champions are only available through in-game summons. This means the first to find them will be members of a very exclusive club, if only for a short time until more start to enter the fray!

Good luck out there Champions, whether you choose the light or the dark!

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