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Celestial Claim Presale Update — Edge of the Aurora

January 6, 2022
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The first portion of the Celestial Claim Land Presale is about to conclude!

Few will forget the series of supercharged moments at GALActic Station in Koller’s Gate that sparked the civil war. The three Factions came together not to compromise and negotiate peace treaties as they claimed, but to claim your allegiance for themselves.

From the Hub Stage production for Echoes of Empire at -into the galaverse

Each Faction wants to be the prevailing force of galactic control. The Monarchy with their aristocratic legacy and bloodlines wish to protect tradition, uniting the galaxy under one rule. Their path is to restore a similar order that was once held by the Emperor, giving power to Princess Isabella and her house to explore further through the unknowns of the galaxy, even beyond what the Miasma has hidden for generations.

Entering the Echoes of Empire experience at -into the galaverse

The Arbeiters seek a prosperous galaxy of trade where cooperation is king. They wish to explore and share the bountiful resources of undiscovered planets to build wealth and abundance for all, as long as they are lining their own pockets in the process. While this commercial Faction has the loyalty of many common people, nobles and house leaders hesitate to trust their selfish motives.

Inside the Echoes of Empire experience at -into the galaverse

Finally, the Garrison will use all the power in its control to force the compliance of anyone who stands in its way. This rogue military remnant of the Empire has powerful ships and substantial firepower, as well as a hearty supply of both cruelty and ambition. The end of law and order will always justify the means for these power-hungry militarists, led by the vicious General Alban Strauss.

From the Echoes of Empire experience at -into the galaverse

The infamous smuggler, Valentina Barbaro, is now deeply entangled in these galactic politics, as leaders of each Faction are searching for her. Simply by being in the wrong place at the right time, Valentina led them all to believe that she holds secrets of immeasurable power. Now she is on the run, searching for answers, but like the victim of some unforgiving quicksand, the more she struggles, the deeper she is drawn into the treachery and chaos. Where will it end? Who can she trust? Where will she go next?

The Ion Games team on the Hub stage at -into the galaverse

The Celestial Claim Land Presale

The first land presale for Echoes of Empire is tied to the narrative adventures of Valentina Barbaro as she travels throughout the galaxy. When she enters a new Star Cluster, that Cluster’s Claims are temporarily opened for sale. When she leaves that Cluster, any remaining Claims are temporarily removed from the store.

Currently, Valentina is on the run and leaving the Aurora’s Edge Cluster following the Garrison’s aggression at GALActic Station (Galaverse) that led to the outbreak of the new galactic civil war.

Within a few short hours of the publishing of this post, Aurora’s Edge Celestial Claims will be removed from the store. It is unknown when they will be available again, but at that time they will have higher prices.

NOTE: The 1/1 Ancient Claims will not be removed from the store

Look for the next installments of the Valentina story soon and the revelation of her next destination. This will determine which of the Star Clusters will be opened for round 2 of the presale.

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