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Celebrate Galaween in Style with the Haunted Mansion

October 26, 2021
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What’s your best defense against the spookies and scaries that go bump in the night? Terrifying Town Star real estate of course! As part of our Galaween celebration, we’re proud to introduce the Haunted Mansion, the first multi-tile customizable modular NFT building in Town Star!

Get Haunted Mansion Pieces Now!

Use the six separate pieces of this incredibly creepy Haunted Mansion to turn up the scare factor on your town. You can get carried away if you want, but remember, every piece will only be available in limited supply!

The possibilities are endless, from a row of scary graveyards to a hellishly frightening labyrinthian compound.


The six Haunted Mansion pieces will be available for an extremely limited time, or until they are sold out. Different pieces of the Mansion have different rarities, supplies and prices. Some are sold for TOWN, and others are sold for GALA. All are eligible for TOWN P2E rewards in the game, provided you accomplish your Daily Challenges and actually dare to place them in your town.

Another important thing to know is that although these buildings will still be available after Halloween, the prices will increase!!

Haunted Main Tower
Haunted East Wing
Haunted West Wing
Haunted Graveyard
Haunted Crypt
Haunted Porch

Additional In-Game Benefits

This is the news you Town Star fans are waiting for. Until now, the only type of tile in the game that has provided a passive oil bonus has been the rare Oil Seep, which comes only with desert geography.

As freaky fortune has it, there is a bizarre bubbly black substance seeping from the baseboards of the Haunted Mansion. It looks and acts like oil, but is it oil? Who’s to say?

Every piece of the Haunted Mansion provides passive oil to surrounding buildings. This means that when placed next to your industrial buildings, those buildings will automatically have oil provided to them. The amount of oil provided varies on the rarity of the unit.

Additionally, the Haunted Porch will passively produce pumpkins. If you’re lucky, the cursed spirit of the Headless Horticulturist may even appear to deliver the pumpkins where they are needed.

These modular Haunted Mansion NFTs will be available until they sell out, or until an undisclosed TBA time in November, when they may suddenly vanish from the store!


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