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Benefits of Running a Founder’s Node: Token Rewards

August 24, 2022
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Founder’s Node operators whose Nodes were active during the recent Mirandus playtest have now received MTRM.

In the world of Web3 entertainment, innovations are possible thanks to two separate, yet equally important groups: The crypto enthusiasts who think outside the box, and the communities who spread the word. These are their stories.

Recently, there was a Mirandus playtest in which all Exemplar owners could experience the latest developments in the Web3 MMO. Everyone who was able to destroy at least one goblin in that playtest received some Materium (MTRM) as a reward.

The goblin-slaying players weren’t the only ones to receive MTRM rewards.

When Gala Games mints and distributes tokens, a percentage of those tokens is almost always distributed to active Founder’s Node operators as well. Of course there can be exceptions, and the percentage of tokens allocated to Founder’s Node operators can vary.

The Tokens of Gala Games


$GALA is the core cryptocurrency of the Gala Games Ecosystem. It is distributed to operators of active Founder’s Nodes on a daily basis, and listed on dozens of crypto exchanges worldwide. Each year, the amount of $GALA distributed to Founder’s Node operators is halved, gradually reducing the amount of new $GALA introduced into the circulating supply.

Reward Tokens

Each Gala Games game also brings its own economy with its own cryptocurrency, such as Town Star’s TOWN, Mirandus’ MTRM and Spider Tanks’ SILK. These tokens are distributed as rewards for Web3 gaming, according to the details of the various reward ecosystems. Whenever these tokens are minted and distributed as rewards, a portion is also distributed to operators of active Founder’s Nodes.

In-Game Items

Many of our in-game items are also blockchain-backed tokens. Similarly to the reward tokens for each individual game, a portion of minted in-game items is always allocated to the operators of active Founder’s Nodes.

Distribution in Action

Yesterday, Materium was distributed to a group of Founder’s Node operators. The following is a broken down explanation of how and why this MTRM distribution took place.

First, Exemplar owners participated in the playtest, slaying goblins to their hearts’ content. Once the playtest ended, the total quantity of MTRM to be distributed was divided among those players who completed the challenge.

Next, the MTRM was distributed to the players, following completion of the playtest.

Finally, all Founder’s Node operators whose Nodes met their activity requirements on the day the playtest MTRM was distributed to players received their portion of MTRM.

In this case, the MTRM allocated for Founder’s Nodes was 20 MTRM per Founder’s Node.

Gala Games Founder’s Nodes

A small number of Gala Games Founder’s Node licenses are still available until the total supply of 50,000 has been reached. Founder’s Nodes live at the core of our decentralized network of Web3 games. By purchasing a license, members of the Gala Games community can contribute computing resources from their home PCs to earn rewards.

Operating a Founder’s Node is like getting your home PC a lifetime job for the Gala Games Ecosystem. You provide the computing resources, and in turn you receive a share of the rewards.

The amount of $GALA distributed to active Founder’s Node operators is reduced by 50% each year (halved). As the $GALA distribution is gradually reduced over time, more and more games will be added to the growing Gala Games platform.

To learn more about Founder’s Nodes, visit THIS SUPPORT ARTICLE.

Let’s Talk About It

Join us in Discord if you’d like to know more about how owning a license and operating a Founder’s Node supports the Gala Games Ecosystem and earns rewards.

We’ve got people from all over the world, so it’s basically a 24/7 party in the Gala Games Discord. See you there!

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