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Behind the Skins — A Closer Look at the Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs

July 10, 2021
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Get ready for some exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at the Town Star creation process! In an upcoming series of Town Star exclusive posts, we’ll be sharing sneak peeks, never-before-seen process shots and unique anecdotes all about Town Star. Let’s get this ball rolling by taking a closer look at Mirandus-Themed Skins: Pack 6, which was released earlier this week in the Town Star store.

Each Skin Pack contains 5 unique Mirandus-themed skins that will change the look and feel of your Town Star builds. After they are purchased, the individual skins can be claimed through the owner’s Treasure Chest. Once claimed, the skins can be applied to in-game buildings, transferred or traded on Opensea. Plus, each different Skin Pack contains a 1/10 Dragon Voucher. Any player who collects all 10 Dragon Vouchers will become the owner of the Dragon Familiar, which will join their avatar in Mirandus.

Digging into Skin Pack 6

Many Town Star buildings come with dedicated units, such as the operating workers or the livestock. For these Skin Packs, all units are reimagined in the Mirandus theme, so in addition to the building skins, there are a bunch of new characters. Each had its own unique creation process, and many of them were presented in several different forms before the final choice was approved by the team.

Lumber Mill

For the medieval Lumber Mill, it seemed appropriate for the building’s roof to be made of logs instead of shingles or panels. There are no high-powered table saws in the world of Mirandus, so the splitting axe can be seen on the work table. The alternate option with the water wheel would have been an interesting choice, and while accurate to medieval methods, the water didn’t quite fit on an otherwise dry tile.

Great consideration was put into the Millworker’s outfit. He still has the recognizable Millworker’s stance and impressive full beard. The initial instincts of the art team were to create an equivalent to the protective eyewear of the original, but it was decided that his glasses looked a little too steampunk and they were vetoed. Option 4’s authentic dress bears close resemblance to a nightgown, so ultimately option #1 was chosen as the Millworker’s skin.

Ranch House

The Ranch House was given a more rustic and old-fashioned makeover, complete with wood walls, a straw roof and a patch of green ground to sit on. In the middle ages, many roofs were expertly crafted through a time consuming process called thatching, using layers of branches, reeds, straws, mosses and more to route water away from the roof and keep inhabitants dry.

The Rancher has the same cocky pose and the same can-do attitude, with the addition of a puffy armed shirt and a fashionable buckle hat, complete with a long feather. This rancher is ready to ride! Here she is on horseback, as the ATV from Mirandus-Themed Skin Pack 4. Horses: the original ATVs.

Sheep Pen

The Sheep Pen was given the standard thatched roof treatment, completing that authentic medieval feel and making a comfortable dry home for sheep of any time period.

In the Middle Ages, wool was used as a versatile textile to make capes, tunics, blankets, scarves, hats and more. Wool is still used for many of these same purposes today.

Because not much has changed about the appearance of sheep through the ages, the choice of sheep headwear was of utmost importance. The 2nd hat was eventually chosen to keep the flock’s ears and heads warm during the coldest nights.

Water Pump

Ancient water pumps are an impressive thing. Using only the forces of nature, people were able to create devices that delivered from a body of water to crops, households or production facilities. The Mirandus take on the Water Pump uses towers and water wheels to pump water to your Town Star industrial buildings.

Farm Tractor

A few different ideas were presented by the art team for the farmer’s “tractor” before the goat was chosen as the winner. They made the right choice. Rather than using goats for their meat and milk, Town Star Farmers can use them as work tools. Now the owners of this skin get to see their tractor farmers majestically riding goats to and from their fields.

Mirandus Skin Pack 6 is full of not only buildings, but some great new skins for familiar characters. Now you’ve seen some of the images that didn’t make the cut, and hopefully this has given you a little taste of the complex preparations that go into the creation of each and every artistic asset from Gala Games.

Skin Pack 6/10 is the latest currently available of these limited edition NFT Skin Packs, and we’re excited to dig into Pack 7 next week! Only 2000 of each Mirandus Skin Pack are available at the current price. Once they sell out, additional future sales of these skins are TBD.

Growing and Building

As the Gala Games team continues to grow, our flagship game will continue to pick up momentum, bringing you tons of exciting new developments and keeping you on your toes.

“Our players have been playing the same checkers for months. Let’s make it chess and throw in some new pieces.”
 — T. Elliot Cannon, Town Star Director

We want to show you some exclusive behind-the-game images and sneak peeks. We want you to be as excited about these new developments as we are. And most importantly, we want to deliver the most compelling and satisfying experience in the world of play-to-earn gaming.

Good luck on your Town Star builds this weekend, and good luck collecting those Dragon Vouchers and Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs. Pack 7 will be released in the Town Star store early next week. As always, thank you for your support and thanks for growing with us. The best is yet to come!

There is a LOT more coming for the Gala Games ecosystem, so make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord ( and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in our Discord!