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Arachnid August: The Arena Challenge

August 17, 2023
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Get ready for an explosive end to August, with a multi-week challenge and Honor boost event!

Greetings Pilots! For the safety of yourself and others, please disarm your warheads and hold your ordinance until the presentation has concluded.

Today we’ve gathered the greatest Pilots from across the Earthen Cluster to announce a test to determine who among you are true arena veterans. This challenge will push the limits of your durability, adaptability and cunning.

For those that prove they are in the upper echelon of Pilotdom, however, great rewards and Honor await!

Arachnid August — Event Overview

This event will run for two weeks, beginning on Monday, August 21st and ending on Sunday, September 4th. During this time, players can rack up wins to climb the reward tiers for increasing component supply drops and a shot at random Tank Part prizes.

For those that survived May Mayhem a few months back, the rewards for these tiers will look very familiar.

That’s not all though! Any wins during the event will qualify you for +1 bonus Honor, up to a maximum of +200!

Honor will be awarded for all wins at the end of the event. Go ahead and soak it up Pilots, you deserve it…but hurry! You only have two weeks for this bonus.

Tiered Challenge Details

This event will span two weeks, with the first featuring The Stag and the second featuring The Soldier. As player’s climb reward tiers, they will rack up more guaranteed component supply rewards, as well as get their name in drawings for Tank Parts!

Rewards are cumulative in both categories. This means that someone who achieves Gold Tier rewards in week one will receive 30 Arachnium and 3000 Bolts — the rewards from Bronze + Silver + Gold.

For giveaways at each tier, the winning names selected for that tier will receive the Part specific to that tier, as well as all parts from lower tiers. This means a winner in the Diamond Tier giveaway will receive Prop, Body and Weapon.

If you qualify for a giveaway tier but do not win, your name will automatically be entered into the reward drawing for the tier directly underneath for another chance.

Week 1

Week 1 runs seven consecutive days, starting and ending on Monday at 9am PT. Since this is slightly offset from the weekly leaderboard, you can double check your progress on the NFTGuilds leaderboard for this event, which will be shared on Discord before start time on Monday. Make sure and give a special thanks to them for all their support!

Week 2

Week 2 will again run seven consecutive days, with no breather in between it and the first one. Just as before, tiered supply rewards and giveaway parts are cumulative.

All rewards will be delivered after the conclusion of each individual week.

Battle with Honor

While there are many Honorable players in the arena, increasing Honor can be a long effort for many Pilots. From the start of this event all the way to the end, players can gain an extra +1 Honor per win up to a maximum of 200.

For many Pilots, we hope this will be a great help. Raising Honor level is often a slow crawl with a slight increase once per day. During this event, players will be able to cover a lot of ground in a short while… provided they have what it takes to win.

You can mix and match battles with whatever parts you’d like, the Honor you’ll receive at the end of the event will keep ticking up regardless… up to a maximum of 200.

Lock and Load

We appreciate your attention to this important announcement, and your cooperation to avoid any accidental incinerations during the presentation. You may now rearm your Weapons and prepare to engage.

This event only lasts two weeks. Can you rack up enough wins? Will you climb to the top tier?

No… don’t answer that. Starting on Monday at 9am PT, you can prove it!