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Announcing the Rep Node License Sale

September 1, 2023
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Early access is now open to Gala Gold and Founder’s Nodes, and the open sale begins September 4th


Early allowlist: Now open
Open sale begins: Monday, September 4th at 12pm PT
Allowlist open to: Gala Gold and Founder’s Node operators
Allowlist price: $2000
Open price: $2500
Tier supply: 5000

Things are moving quickly with the latest exciting project under construction on GalaChain. We are extremely excited to be working with the folks at Rep, bringing a brilliant new use-case to our layer-1 blockchain and showing the world its power.

To learn more about Rep, read the Vision Paper.

The Gala Games platform will facilitate the inaugural Rep Node license sale, starting today, August 31st. This round will determine the owners of the first 5000 Rep Nodes, who will soon play a crucial role in the prototype stages of the Rep platform.

Store Page:

Please note that the early allowlist sale is only open to Founder’s Node operators and members of Gala Gold.

Why Should You Get Psyched about Rep?

Rep is a new social media platform currently undergoing migration to GalaChain. It will offer groundbreaking decentralization and unprecedented user empowerment, made possible by the infrastructure of the Gala Games ecosystem.

Decentralization means:

  • A customizable social media experience
  • No third-party data mining
  • Real user ownership
  • A Node network that allows users to power the network for rewards

Rep will also offer (we love this part!) a layer of gamified functionality, with state-of-the-art geolocation features and a Treasure Hunt system that any verified user can customize and make their own. When you pair this with NFTs and a robust Rep marketplace, a user-operated Node network and real user ownership powered by GalaChain, you get a glimpse of social media in the not-so-distant future.

Check out the video interview linked below for a nice broad look at the Rep vision from founder and CEO Neil Haran. You’ll find some great insights!

Finally, GalaChain gives Rep the freedom to empower anyone to create their own private label web3 social media network. Right off the bat, we’ll demonstrate by building Gala Friends, the Gala Games social connectivity experience you deserve.

More details about all of the above will come soon, so keep your eyes on Rep.

License Sale Details

Rep Node License
Price: $2500
Tier Supply: 5000

The license is a non-refundable and non-transferable item that will unlock your ability to run a Rep workload through the GalaChain Node infrastructure, once Rep workloads are released.

If you want to run a Node with limited computer skills, that is no problem at all. The GalaChain Node infrastructure makes it really easy to use background computing power on your home computer to run a workload. No expertise required.

Currently, all Node licenses are non-transferable. With the recent approval of a Founder’s Node proposal to allow Node licenses a path to tokenization, it is possible that in the future Rep Node operators will have the option to tokenize their Nodes into transferable NFTs.

Please note that while licenses will be issued soon after purchase, Rep Node workloads have not yet been implemented into the GalaChain Node infrastructure and rewards are not yet available.

Early Allowlist — Live now

Founder’s Node operators and members of Gala Gold now have access to this 20% discount early allowlist sale. At 12pm PT on 9/4 the price will return to $2500 for everyone.

If you’re not Gala Gold yet, you can buy lifetime membership HERE for $100.

Open Sale —Monday, September 4th at 12pm PT

At this time, all that remain of the original 5000 licenses in this tier will be available for purchase at $2500 each, with no purchase limit per account*.

*Please note that each Node must run on its own physical machine. Virtual Private Server solutions may also be utilized in events of single operators operating larger numbers of Nodes.

Future Sales

As Rep grows through the coming months and years, the need for Node operators will continue to grow as well. While to some, 5000 licenses may seem a large number for an initial sale, we expect massive amounts of data to be hosted on Rep, with an empowering network of Nodes at its core.

The first 5000 Nodes are only the beginning, and more licenses will be sold accordingly in future supply tiers to keep up with this growth.

It is highly likely that future tranches of Rep Node licenses will a) come in shorter supply, b) have higher prices, or c) both.

The More You Node

Like most everything built on GalaChain, Nodes and their operators will act as the heart of the Rep ecosystem. Because Rep will use a dedicated network of its own Nodes, Rep’s Node operators will provide all the necessary computing resources.

A social media platform with Rep’s vision brought to life will host unimaginable quantities of data– Quantities that are in fact only possible thanks to the distributed power of a Node network that grows and scales with the number of Rep users and the size of their data.

Rep is an already-developed platform that needs a stable and sustainable blockchain solution. Thanks to the GalaChain infrastructure our team has worked so hard to build, we are able to create independent Node networks whose Nodes can host workloads for independent and partner projects.

Rep is the first example of such a Node network. Just add community.

Rep has a plan for its own tokenomics, including an ecosystem token of its own and a robust reward structure that puts Node operators first.

All the current details about future rewards for Rep Node operators (including estimated implementation dates can be found in the Vision Paper document linked below.

Store Page:

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Rep Vision Paper