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Announcing In-Game Boosts for Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skins

July 28, 2021
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The Town Star Development and Design team has been hard at work on incredible additions and updates to the original Gala Game of town and city builders. We know you’ll be as excited about this latest news as we are. In fact, we’re so excited that we had to make a video to mark the occasion!

The Skins that Mirandus Built

Our biggest fans and most dedicated collectors have been going wild for these Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skins, 8/10 of which have now been released in the Gala Games store.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that deploying Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skins will boost all crafting and movement speed throughout your entire town.

These awesome Town Star boosts will become active shortly after the release of Mirandus-Themed Skin Pack 10.

Details of the Bonus

The bonus works in a very straightforward way, increasing both the speed and crafting times of everyone and everything throughout your Town Star town.

There are 10 different Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs available. The more of these packs that are represented in your town, the greater your movement and production bonus will be.

For each different skin applied, your workers and production buildings will receive a 2.5% speed boost. There is a maximum of 1 bonus per Skin Pack available, meaning that even if you apply 5 skins from a single pack, you’ll only get the 2.5% boost.

Here’s where it gets interesting. With at least 1 skin applied from every pack (1–10), you’ll be getting the maximum possible bonus of +25% speed to all workers’ movement and all production in your town.

All it will take to get your speed bonus is having the skin applied to your Town Star game. It’s not even necessary for the skinned building to be part of your town. As long as the skin is active, the bonus is yours.

The First Speed Boosting Item in Town Star

There have been bots that travel faster than workers and there have been NFT items that increase storage or passive resource production, but this is the first time Town Star has seen an NFT item actually increase the speed of everything on the board.

To move 25% faster is to be 25% more productive, and to produce 25% faster is to make more money. Most importantly, with this bonus you’ll have a clear competitive edge over every player who didn’t get their hands on the skins.

Additionally, these skins have just taken a major strategic leap in terms of Town Star gameplay. Thanks to the power of blockchain-backed skin ownership, we are able to offer a unique incentive to using the Mirandus-Themed skins on your game. Just for deploying these skins, you can give you and your town an incredible advantage week after week in the Town Star competition.

The Limited Supply

This surprise release is expected to quickly cause interest in the Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skins to skyrocket. Hesitations based on the idea that skins do not provide in-game value are entirely out the window.

Each Skin Pack has a maximum supply of 10,000, but only 2000 of each are available at the current price. Future sales (and future prices) are TBD, but you can be confident that the price will increase on the remaining supply in future sales.

Don’t forget that each Skin Pack comes with an exclusive Dragon Voucher. Players who collect all 10 of these Vouchers will receive the greatest bonus of all: The Dragon Familiar of Mirandus. This Dragon will accompany your avatar on its adventures, making your friends jealous and your foes cower.

Get your Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skin Packs now in the Gala Games store, but only while supplies last. Packs 1–8 are currently available (until they aren’t), and Pack 9 will be hitting the stores some time next week!

The in-game benefits described above will go live shortly after the final Skin Pack is released! Stay tuned for more specifics, and get yours while you still can!