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Aiden’s Call 2: Earning His Wings

December 13, 2023
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Two years had passed since the eagle prophecy bestowed upon Aiden the mantle of leadership for the Guardian Angels clan. During this time, Aiden grew not only in stature but also in wisdom and compassion, his heart unwavering in his dedication to protecting the innocent and upholding justice.

As Aiden’s eighteenth birthday approached, the majestic eagles of the sky beckoned him to their realm, where he would face a trial that would determine his worthiness to receive their aid in his pursuit of righteousness.

On the day of his trial, Aiden stood at the edge of a precipice, the wind whipping through his hair, his eyes fixed on the swirling clouds above. As if in answer to his silent call, a golden eagle emerged from the heavens, its wings shimmering in the sunlight.

With a gentle nudge, the eagle led Aiden into the eagles’ realm, a world of boundless skies and ethereal beauty. Here, amidst the clouds, Aiden was given wings of clouds, and faced a series of trials, each designed to test his strength, courage, and moral compass.

He soared through treacherous storms, his body buffeted by gale-force winds and torrential rain. He navigated through labyrinths of clouds, his senses challenged by disorienting illusions and shifting perspectives. He faced the judgment of the eagle elders, their piercing eyes scrutinizing his every thought and action.

Aiden’s spirit remained unyielding, his determination unwavering despite the daunting challenges that lay before him. He demonstrated his strength by weathering the storms, his courage by navigating the illusions, and his integrity by facing the elders’ scrutiny without faltering.

As the final trial approached, Aiden stood before the eagle council, the wisest and most powerful of their kind. They presented him with a choice: to remain in their realm, to become one of them, or to return to Elysium, to continue his journey as a Guardian Angel.

Aiden, his heart filled with gratitude for the eagles’ guidance, chose to return to Elysium, knowing that his true calling lay in protecting those who needed him most. The eagle, recognizing the purity of his intentions, granted him their blessing, promising to come to his aid whenever he walked in alignment with their noble ideals.

With a newfound sense of purpose and unwavering resolve, Aiden descended back to Elysium, ready to embrace the challenges that lay ahead. He had earned his wings, not through physical prowess alone, but through the strength of his character and the unwavering purity of his heart.

Song of Aiden | Part 2

The call had now rung out for two long years,
Extolled and praised with laughter, joy and cheers.
As wisdom in the child of eagles grew,
And to his heart he called a faithful crew.

When eighteen years had gone the eagles came
To impart truth and test him with the same.
Ascending to their realm where he could fly,
Brave Aiden faced their Elders in the sky.

Through tempests soared and winds they battered strong,
He trusted wings of cloud and went not wrong.
The eagle Elders judged with piercing eyes,
Which held in gaze his triumph or demise.

Unshaken, unyielding, Aiden prevailed,
While knowing he would die if he had failed.
Through storm and visions, Aiden’s soul did soar,
So far above the valley’s rocky floor.

The eagle council, wisest of the kind,
Presented him a choice to test his mind:
“To stay” said they, “with us among the clouds,
Or turn back hence, to lowly, earthbound crowds.”

With gratitude, the hero chose his path,
To stand betwixt the innocent and wrath.
Moved so by his noble sacrifice,
The eagle elders loudly blessed him twice.

“With greater wisdom now you shall descend,
Calling truly every eagles friend.
And when your noble path with ours aligns,
We’ll grant assistance, true as sun that shines.”

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