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Ahead of the Game — Last Episode’s Highlights

June 22, 2023
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Here are the most important timestamps in the latest episode of “Ahead of the Game” with Bitbender!

If you’re short on time and long on FOMO, you’ve come to the right place. Check out quick recap of last Thursday’s “Ahead of the Game,” then set a notification for the new episode, airing Thursday at 4pm PT.

Watch the whole replay, or just hit the hot spots listed below and don’t miss this next one!


It’s Town Star time, and even though he went through it pretty quickly, Bitbender dropped some awesome Town Star news. First, he mentioned upcoming potential plans to convert all existing Town Star owned items to truly unique NFTs with the ability to be upgraded and leveled.


Look here for an exciting piece of news about Town Star Nodes, including new info on how they may be used to power new types of transactions.


AWS servers go down, and Last Expedition steps up. Jason showed everyone that the game was fully operational on Last Expedition Nodes, even during the worldwide issues.


Skip to this point if you want to check out the newest art from The Walking Dead: Empires. The lighting work is incredible!


There’s an upcoming SILK drop for all Gala Gold members and Bitbender can tell you when to expect it. If you haven’t played Spider Tanks before, having some SILK in your account is a great way to start the game!

Don’t miss the BIG Spider Tanks leak at 28:40!


As the pros battle on the Vegas felt in the biggest events of the WSOP, we recently finished a great 3-hour Alpha Tech Test for PokerGO Play. Subscribe for updates at


Here’s where Jason gets into a great discussion about the future directions of in-game economies like GRIT’s. Don’t miss this few minutes.


Name Reveal!

Bitbender thanks you!


Jason mentions “Gala Friends” and kicks off a great pre recorded interview with an active community member. This time, Jason is the one asking the questions. Check it out!

All the above is followed by some great Q&A, and you’ll also find other awesome community questions and answers throughout the video. Our community is pretty smart.

Tomorrow’s Episode

You’re invited back at 4pm PT for tomorrow’s new episode, where Jason Brink will spend some more valuable time with the community to ensure you’re all Ahead of the Game!

Set a notification on Youtube so you don’t forget. It’s way more fun to participate when these things are live!

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